Skills for Care

Our guidance, advice and practical tools help you to plan and implement the improvements needed to deliver Good or Outstanding care.

We have resources and support for regulated services who fall below the CQC inspection or fear they risk doing so.

If your service does not meet the CQC standards, it is important that you act quickly to improve the quality of care provided and minimise the reputational risk of being rated Requires Improvement or Inadequate. 


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This checklist enables you to reflect about how you can improve and establish the building blocks for continuous improvement.

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This template can be used to document your goals, ambitions and plans of how improvements are going to be measured and managed within clear timeframes, as well as recording process.

Guide to improvement

Our 'Guide to improvement' is a comprehensive resource developed in consultation with a range of different regulated care providers with one thing in common; they have all fallen below the CQC standards and successfully improved.

Available as a free download or in printed extended workbook edition, the Guide to improvement is an essential tool for those responsible for helping services to recover from being rated “Requires Improvement” or “Inadequate”. 

Skills for Care is in the process of updating this product to align with the new CQC Single Assessment Framework. We will replace references to the CQC’s Key lines of enquiry with the new Quality Statements. An updated version is scheduled to be published April 2024.


Guide to safe staffing

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Many services are at risk of falling below CQC standards because of poor practice in relation to safe staffing, including recruitment practice, staffing levels and effective training. This guide includes practical examples and recommendations to help you safely recruit the right number of suitable staff.

This product will be discontinued after 31 March 2024.  



Improving your CQC rating elearning

This one-hour elearning module provides insight into practical ways to drive forward improvements after falling below CQC standards. Informed by successful approaches to improvement, the module looks at a step-by-step approach to addressing quality issues in your service. The content of this module has been updated to align with the new CQC Single Assessment Framework. 

Learn more about the module.


Improving your CQC rating seminar

This one-day online seminar is for services who have fallen below CQC standards and are looking for practical ways to recover and achieve a Good rating. Attendees will learn how to approach recovery from a ‘Requires improvement’ or ‘Inadequate’ CQC rating, identify solutions to overcoming obstacles and evidence that issues have been successfully addressed. The content of this seminar has been updated to align with the new CQC Single Assessment Framework.

Improving your CQC rating seminar


Compare yourself to others

The Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set (ASC-WDS) includes a benchmarking feature which allows you to compare your performance against similar care providers in your area.

You can find out how you rank against providers across your area or compare with just ‘Good’ and ‘Outstanding’ providers to see where you could improve.