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If you're a nominated individual, it’s important you're supported to meet your responsibilities.

The nominated individual is an important role for regulated providers, with a key relationship and responsibility to the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

We’ve grouped our resources relevant to a nominated individual below, meaning you can always go straight to the information you need. Whether you combine your role with other duties (such as the registered manager role) or focus entirely on this responsibility, our practical guidelines can help.

We also have two useful videos which are delivered in partnership with the CQC. The first explores the role and responsibilities of nominated individuals and what this entails from a registration and inspection perspective. The second is a nominated individuals Q&A session with the CQC. Take a look at the videos on our webpage.


Standards and regulations in the sector

We can help you deepen your knowledge and make sure your organisation complies with:

  • the Care Certificate – a range of practical resources to help you and your registered manager(s) understand the CQC expectations of this induction process for those joining the sector

  • the Manager Induction Standards (MIS) – a measure of good practice and an induction tool for new managers or those taking up a new position. The MIS are also key if you're involved in succession planning within your organisation.


CQC expectations

Your staff are your most valuable resource and often, the CQC fundamental standards can only be met if you have safe and competent staff, including leaders and managers - so it’s important that you recruit the right people, develop and lead them effectively. 

We have practical resources, seminars and consultancy support to ensure you have the right workforce to meet CQC standards.  

  • Recommendations for CQC-regulated providers: Find useful resources and services to support your recruitment and retention, learning and development and leadership and management. The 'leadership and management' section includes specific information for nominated individuals.
  • Good and outstanding (GO): this useful resources brings together best practice, recommendations, resources, practical examples, and learning so you can meet or exceed CQC expectations. The resource includes free online guides, practical seminars and consultancy and tailored support.


Develop yourself as a leader

Over 90% of services rated 'good' or 'outstanding' for being well-led by the CQC were also rated 'good' or 'outstanding' overall.

Excellent leaders and managers are needed at every level across social care to ensure high quality care. We can help you develop yourself and other leaders and managers in your organisation. 

  • Leadership programmes and CPD: Find out more about the leadership programmes and continuing professional development (CPD) modules, developed by Skills for Care and delivered exclusively by Skills for Care endorsed providers.
  • Leadership Qualities Framework (LQF): The LQF focuses on the values and behaviours that provide the foundations for effective leadership in social care.
  • Manager Induction Standards: The Manager Induction Standards (MIS) set out what a manager needs to know and understand to perform well in their role. 
  • Performance People Management: Successful people performance management benefits include a valued, supported, and engaged workforce which can lead to job satisfaction and higher quality of care. Our people performance management toolkit can support in this area. 


Support for registered managers

As a nominated individual, you're responsible for ensuring your registered manager(s) have professional supervision and support. We're the membership organisation for registered managers in England and support managers to do just that. 

Sign your registered manager(s) up for membership with Skills for Care, and for just £35 per year, they’ll receive:

  • membership handbook

  • monthly newsletter

  • mentor or mentee opportunities

  • discounts on resources

  • certificate of membership.

Registered managers also told us that they find it useful to network and link with other managers. This is why we work with registered managers to facilitate local networks across England, giving them the chance to network with like-minded colleagues who face similar, everyday challenges. Share this list of networks with your registered manager(s).


Quality of care

The most important aspect of what any service provides is the quality of life for the people who use it. 


Safe staffing

Safe staffing is about having enough staff, who have the right values and skills, to deliver high quality care and support. It involves having safe staffing levels, recruiting the right people, and ensuring staff are competent and safe to do their role. We have resources to help. 

The Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set is an online data collection service that covers the adult social care workforce in England. The service helps care providers run their business and manage their staff training needs. It can also provide access to the Workforce Development Fund (WDF), a valuable source of funding for staff training.


Build and maintain external relationships 

A key part of your role as a nominated individual is to develop and maintain external relationships, for example in the community and with strategic partners. Community - Asset and strength based approaches contains information, ideas and bite-size learning.


Shape the culture of your service

Workplace culture is the character and personality of your organisation, and having a positive workplace culture is vital to delivering high quality care and support.

  • Creating a positive workplace culture toolkit explains what workplace culture is and how you can develop a positive one in your service. 

  • A key part of having a positive workplace culture is having a strong set of workplace values and ensuring that your staff match them. Our Recruiting for values webpage can help you recruit people who have the right values. 


Network and learn with other nominated individuals

We're looking to extend our overall support to nominated individuals. For Midlands providers, we've a dedicated nominated individual network and have recently announced the formation of a new nominated individual for Eastern providers. We're exploring forming networks in other areas as well, with further information to follow.  

As a nominated individual, you should be strongly committed to working with others and embedding best practice. At Skills for Care, we have a dedicated network for nominated individuals.

If you're a registered manager in addition to your role as nominated individual, our area teams can signpost you to relevant registered manager networks and the availability of funding for learning and development

We also recommend contacting your local Care Association for more information.


Champion excellence in your organisation

Your role is also about celebrating achievements across the organisation and raising the profile outside of it. We’d love to celebrate with you. 

I Care…Ambassadors are care workers who inspire and motivate people to understand more about working in social care. What makes them so special is that they’ve been there and have experience in the job they’re promoting. As an employer, you can sign up and nominate your staff to become ambassadors. This can help you to recruit new staff to the sector, and retain existing workers too.

Find out more about I Care... Ambassadors