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Creating an ASC-WDS account is really simple and takes just five minutes.  


Creating an ASC-WDS account

To create your account you will need to add your name and job title and set up a password and security question. Once this is done, you need to provide a few basic details to get started including:

  • Is your service CQC registered?
  • Add your workplace using your CQC location ID or postcode.
  • What’s the main service you provide?
  • How many staff do you have?

This takes around five minutes and once it is done, our Support Team will check the details you have provided in order to approve your account. 


Adding workplace information

Once your account has been approved you can start to add information about your workplace such as: 

  • Do you provide any other services? If applicable, what service capacity do you have?
  • Who are your service users?
  • Do you have any current vacancies?
  • How many staff have joined and left in the last 12 months?


Staff records

Next, you can add your staff records which will include:

  • personal details and demographic information
  • employment details such as contracted hours, salary and sickness
  • qualification details such as the highest level attained and whether the Care Certificate has been completed.

You can use ASC-WDS to manage your training and qualification records once your staff records are saved. Decide what training you want to make mandatory for each job role and get a notification for when that training is about to expire. You can add records for each training course (accredited or non-accredited) or qualifications your staff have completed. This can help you understand where you have training gaps and identify development opportunities.


Keeping your data private, safe and anonymous

Skills for Care use the data within ASC-WDS to provide high-quality intelligence for decision makers such as Government, DHSC and local authorities. However it is important to understand that your data is kept private, secure and all figures anonymous.  

Our Workforce Intelligence team analyse the data in 'aggregated form'. This means that data from individual employers and on individual workers are combined so that analysis shows information about the group as a whole without identifying any individual worker or employer.

Basically your staff cannot be identified from the information you provide within this analysis. Our privacy policy will help you talk to your staff about the data we collect and how we process it.

Create an ASC-WDS account

Creating an ASC-WDS account is really simple and takes just five minutes.

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