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This April we’re #CelebratingSocialCare and the incredible people who work in care, and we’d love you to join us in our celebrations.

At Skills for Care, we celebrate social care year-round but throughout April we’re going to be celebrating a little bit louder, and encouraging everyone to join in.

We want everyone to take some time this month to recognise the vital work of the social care sector and the important impact that people working in social care have on our communities and people who draw on care and support.

We’ll be sharing good news stories from the sector across our website and social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook). You can get involved by sharing your own good news stories and shoutouts on social media, or simply sharing your support for #CelebratingSocialCare and all the people working in the sector and those drawing on care and support. 

Get involved

You might want to:

  • shout out your colleague, team, or manager for their great work or a recent achievement
  • share a successful initiative that your organisation has been working on
  • share some of the exciting activities that you’ve been doing lately as a team or with the people who you support
  • share some feedback from the people who you support or their relatives about the impact your care and support has had in supporting them to do the things they love
  • shout out yourself for all your hard work
  • share what you love most about working in social care
  • shout out the people who you support
  • or say thank you to everyone working in social care for everything they do.


#CelebratingSocialCare images and assets

You can download our images and other assets below to help you to share your support for #CelebratingSocialCare and your own positive stories and shoutouts.


Social media images

Include our #CelebratingSocialCare images with your social media posts.

Suggested words for a social media post: This April we're joining @SkillsForCare in #CelebratingSocialCare. Thank you to everyone working in social care for everything you do.

Download the #CelebratingSocialCare social media images.


Social media templates

You can download our #CelebratingSocialCare social media templates and add your own text and images to share positive stories from your organisations and shoutouts for your colleagues. Remember to tag @SkillsForCare and use #CelebratingSocialCare.

Tip: using a free tool like Canva is a great way to allow you to personalise these images by adding your own text and images in the blank spaces, or by overlaying our transparent templates over your own image.

Download the #CelebratingSocialCare social media templates.


Selfie cards

Download and print our selfie cards and take a photo of yourself holding the card and #CelebratingSocialCare. You can post your selfie on social media and share with your colleagues and other networks to help spread the celebrations. Remember to tag @SkillsForCare and use #CelebratingSocialCare in your social posts.

Download the #CelebratingSocialCare selfie cards


Email signature

Download our email graphic to add to your email signature. This way you can share the #CelebratingSocialCare message with every email you send throughout April and help us to spread the word.

Download the #CelebratingSocialCare email signature.


Blog template

Why not share your support for #CelebratingSocialCare including any celebrations you’ll be doing this month and good news stories from your organisation in a blog post on your website.

You can use our template below to help you get started writing.

Download the #CelebratingSocialCare blog template.


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