Skills for Care

The care exchange

The Skills for Care podcast series 'The care exchange' celebrates the role of managers in social care.

Hear from other managers in social care and discover a place where managers can listen to other managers and pick up some good ideas to support you in your own role.


The care exchange - Series 1

The care exchange episodes explore a range of topics and approaches with a social care manager. Hear about their experiences, the challenges they have had and how they overcame them.

The care exchange - Series 2

Listen to real conversations with social care managers from across the sector and get practical advice to help in your day-to-day activities.

The care exchange - Series 3

Hear real-life insights into being a manager in social care including best practices, experiences and top tips which will inspire your own approach to being a registered manager.

The care exchange - Series 4

We're back for series 4 of the care exchange! Join us for conversations with social care managers as they share their experiences, insights and tips for best practice to support you in your role.


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