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Support for registered managers

At the heart of every outstanding service is a manager who’s working hard to ensure that they can create a person-centred culture that delivers great, high-quality care.

We understand that you’re going through incredibly challenging times at the moment, and everyone at Skills for Care is humbled by the leadership, courage, creativity and resilience being shown by registered managers, who continue to provide the very best care for the people they support and their staff.

The following pages are full of dedicated support and information we offer for all registered managers and front-line managers.

Advice line

For all frontline social care managers  including registered managers, service managers, deputy managers and nominated individuals to support your organisation.

Call: 0113 241 1260 | Email:

Open between 09.00 - 17.00 Monday to Friday.

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Our support


For only £35 per year, become a member of our growing community of registered managers. Benefits include exclusive resources, monthly newsletters and discounts.

Local networks for managers

Our networks cover every local authority area in England and help mangers stay connected with virtual meetings and WhatsApp groups. Find your nearest Skills for Care locality manager for local support and help connecting with other managers.

Deputy manager networks

The deputy manager networks provide an opportunity for deputies to build supportive networks and share experiences and ideas with others.

Registered manager webinars

Our registered manager webinars are 30-minutes long and cover a range of topics to support managers and their services. They are all delivered to a live audience and recorded for further viewing.

Social care managers Facebook group

Our Facebook group is open to all registered managers and front-line managers in similar roles. Join this group of managers to stay connected with each other and share advice, experiences and guidance.

Building resilience

Building resilience can help adult social care staff cope better under pressure and continue to deliver high quality care and support. Take a look at the resources we have to help support managers to build resilience at an individual, team and organisational level.

Network chairs

We have over 150 networks across England chaired by managers, for managers. Network chairs are passionate about what they do, and they have first-hand experience of quality care.

The care exchange

The care exchange is our podcast series that celebrates the role of managers in social care. The episodes are all hosted by Skills for Care locality managers and cover a variety of topics.