Skills for Care

ASYE co-ordinators and senior managers, including your principal social worker, will be involved in a successful ASYE programme. 

ASYE co-ordinators

The ASYE co-ordinator may or may not be a registered social worker. Responsibilities include:

  • undertaking the funding application
  • managing the Skills for Care ASYE portal
  • quality assuring the delivery of the programme and driving its continuous improvement
  • applying for NQSW certificates for completing the programme.

QA refresh and ASYE framework drop-in sessions

We’re combining our QA refresh and ASYE framework drop-ins for ASYE co-ordinators/leads into one session. This is your space to ask us anything you’d like clarification on. 

The idea is you join the drop-in when you want to and stay for as long as you want to. 

The drop-ins are taking place on:

  • 6 December, 10:00-12:00
  • 16 January, 10:00-12:00
  • 13 February, 11:00-13:00
  • 14 March, 10:00-12:00

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Senior managers

A senior manager oversees other managers and is responsible for key organisational programmes such as the ASYE. They may be the principal social worker for the organisation. The programme will benefit from the active support and involvement of senior managers. This level of support should impact all those involved in the ASYE programme and should mirror in your organisational ASYE documents, policies and procedures.


Principal social workers 

Principal social workers may have responsibility for the oversight and quality assurance of your programme and the welfare of all those involved in the programme.


ASYE portal administration

The assessor or a senior manager will be the lead name for the Skills for Care portal. The portal administrator role includes:

  • keep contact details up to date
  • log all NQSWs starting and completing their ASYE in your service 
  • update the status of the NQSW i.e. paused/withdrawn from their ASYE
  • claim ASYE funding and request ASYE certificates

Access the portal 


Managing the ASYE programme

You may be responsible for managing the ASYE programme in your service. There may be separate ASYE programmes for child and family and adult services in your organisation. 

The two programmes are now the same - it may be beneficial if your two programmes co-deliver either the entire ASYE programme or parts of it. This single approach will encourage joint working and expand the learning and development opportunities.


ASYE co-ordinator responsibilities

  • ASYE handbook - for NQSWs but is also a useful for ASYE assessors, line managers, senior managers and HR

  • ASYE workshops
  • action learning sets and group supervision
  • Supporting a failing NQSW



National evaluation criteria

The ASYE national evaluation criteria (NEC) supports the continuous development and quality of a programme.

PDF - 101Kb

Employers can use the NEC to ensure their programme is a successful one. It also includes specific areas that are one step beyond the NEC, known as NEC+. The evaluation criteria will evolve where evidence from the sector indicates that they should be developed further.


Action learning facilitation training

We’re delighted to be able to offer more places on the Foundation in Action Learning Facilitation ILM Recognised programme. The programme is for ASYE co-ordinators/leads and others providing support to ASYE programmes in child and family services only. 

Action learning is a structured technique used to facilitate individual, professional and organisational development and change. It brings together small groups of invested people to tackle real life problems or issues whilst encouraging reflection to develop practice. 

There is no cost to the participants or their organisations as the funding of the programme is met by the Department for Education.

More dates to be confirmed soon.