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My journey to becoming a registered manager

Posted: 24 June 2019

Today, as we launch our new online guide: ‘Developing new managers and deputies’ we talk to Alicia Ferrie, Registered Manager at Short Notice Care Services Ltd, who takes us on her journey from apprentice to registered manager. Alicia features in this new guide that supports employers with their succession planning and development of managers.

Alicia joined adult social care aged 19 through an apprenticeship route.  Over a few years, Alicia has gained a wealth of experience and is now a Registered Manager.  She believes that her experience of working in various positions has helped her to become a better manager.

Joining the sector

I first applied for a care coordinator role in a domiciliary care organisation and undertook Business and Administration apprenticeships and completed induction training to be competent when delivering care.  As my role evolved, I began to train others and completed a training qualification and ‘train the trainer’ courses specifically in manual handling, first aid and dementia care. 

I then joined Short Notice Care Services Ltd as a trainer.  Part of the reason for my move was to join a service where I felt I could progress further.  Here I was able to bring some of the learning from my previous employer into my new position and build on it.

Moving into deputy management

My new employer supported me to do the Level 3 Diploma to further develop my care and supervision skills.  It also provided insight into legislation, the Mental Capacity Act and topics such as stroke management and dementia to broaden my knowledge on these subjects.

The transition into a deputy manager role was gradual as I was increasingly undertaking managerial tasks.  My organisation could see I wanted to progress and the support I received enabled me to learn more about auditing, undertaking disciplinary procedures, staff appraisals etc.

I was also encouraged to get out there to network with others, including a local care partnership. This helped me to meet other providers and bring learning back into our organisation. It also enabled me to establish new relationships, many of these have continued to be beneficial for years later. 

Preparing for the registered manager role

I was still working as a deputy manager when I started my Level 5 Diploma but knew this qualification would help me towards the registered manager role. 

The Level 5 Diploma made me look and reflect on how I dealt with situations and communicate with people. The qualification also enabled me to think more about the bigger picture and how the company can be better.  I was about three quarters of the way through the Level 5 Diploma when the opportunity arose to become the Registered Manager. 

By working in various positions, as I have progressed to management, it has helped me to see different roles across services.  It helps me to understand what staff are going through and the issues they struggle with.

My continuing professional development

Training is very close to my heart and it is important to keep myself updated.  I continue to develop myself by regularly attending Registered Manager Network meetings, as well as courses and events.  By going on these more specialist courses, I can bring this learning back into the service and inform how we strengthen what we do.

My recommendations to those wanting to become care managers

To get to where I am, I’ve put in the hours.  For those at the beginning of their care career with an ambition to move into management, I’d recommend being prepared to work hard to achieve your goal. 

Do not be afraid to challenge anything that you are not happy with about the care being provided, to help services improve.  Look to be developed but know when the right time is to leave somewhere if opportunities are not available.

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  • Alicia’s journey to becoming a registered manager features in our new online guide around succession planning: ‘Developing new managers and deputies’. You can access it here.
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