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New voice for registered managers in our sector

Posted: 17 July 2019

Georgina Turner, our Interim Director for Sector Development – Engagement, reflects on the first meeting of our new Registered Manager Reference Group (RMRG), where a cross-section of our registered manager members joined forces to talk ‘all-things managers in social care’.

The start of this month saw the first meeting of a new Registered Manager Reference Group (RMRG) being established by Skills for Care. This new group will steer and provide feedback on our work and support our efforts to champion the registered manager profession; raising awareness of the role’s rewards, challenges and impact.

It was a lively and positive first meeting, and a pleasure to spend time with managers from across the country who are committed to working with others to ensure that all managers have the support and skills they need to deliver outstanding care.

The experience, advice and enthusiasm collected in that room will be crucial to ensuring that Skills for Care continues to offer the best possible support and guidance to managers.  

There was plenty of discussion about how the group will work and the messages it’s keen to support, but already some messages are clear.

We know that the registered manager role doesn’t always receive the recognition it deserves. We believe that when a manager tells someone that they are a registered manager that person should immediately recognise what that means – in the same way that the public recognises regulated roles like social worker, occupational therapist or nurse.

We also know that managers themselves can struggle with the complexities of their role. For many registered managers, hearing that it isn’t just them, brings confidence and reassurance. So we need managers ready to share their experiences and tell others why networks, peer groups and membership are all important.

You will hear and see from members of the reference group as the year goes on and we’re confident that you will see their influence in the support and guidance we offer registered managers in the meantime.


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