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The wellbeing of our managers should be at the core of what drives improvement in 2020

Posted: 21 January 2020

As we continue the conversation around #Your2020Vision, Edward Hopkins, Membership Lead at Skills for Care brings wellbeing to the forefront of our thoughts and how it should be part of everything we do this year.

For me, ‘2020’ just seems to have a special ring to it. Perhaps it’s because I’m reminded of how in the previous century it brought in a new decade nicknamed the ‘roaring’ twenties. Or maybe it’s because as humans, it appeals to our sense of symmetry or our desire to want to round things up. Whatever it is, at the start of this year it feels like we’re uniquely placed to take stock of what we’ve achieved and the possibilities that lie ahead of us.

Which is why this January you’ll have heard us ask the question: ‘What’s your vision for 2020?’ Perhaps your focus is on improving your service or maybe it’s developing the skills of your workforce. You might be looking at recruitment and how you attract, keep and develop the right talent.

There’s lots of positive work to get started and we’re going to continue to rely on the hard work and dedication of registered managers, as one of the most pivotal groups in our sector. Which is why I’m kicking off the year by making the case that we’ll only be able to achieve our ambitions for 2020 if we ensure that registered managers concentrate on their own wellbeing first.

Our personal wellbeing is important. It’s true that when we’re not looking after ourselves, we’re less likely to be able to look after others, and for registered managers, this is critical. Not only is it their core job to make sure that all of the people they support are well looked after, often by doing a lot of the actual caring themselves. They’re responsible for looking after the wellbeing of their teams and for forming positive relationships with everyone with an interest in the quality of care provided by their services. Ultimately, a happier, more fulfilled manager will be better placed to deliver the type of care and support that we all want to see.  

I’d invite all registered managers to take stock of all that they’ve done for themselves over the past decade using the five ways to wellbeing approach – how we connect, are active, give, take notice and keep learning - an evidence-based framework for what constitutes a well-rounded wellbeing. Each of the five ways can act as a useful reminder of what we’ve been doing to take care of ourselves.

Registered managers, in particular, will have done a lot across each of the five ways by the very nature of their job. When they dig a little deeper, the last decade will have been filled with stories of new places visited, friends made, charities supported, goals achieved, knowledge gained, and much more. All of which should provide adequate promise that they already do a lot to support their own wellbeing.  

With those memories in mind, now is a perfect time for every registered manager to take a fresh look at what they can do to continue to support their wellbeing and embed it in their day-to-day lives. A great place to start is by utilising all of the great tools, advice and exercises that form our ‘Wellbeing for registered managers: a practical survival guide’, underpinned by the framework of the five ways to wellbeing. When making a commitment to spend time investing in their wellbeing as part of using this resource, the benefits can be huge.

Finally, I’d challenge every registered manager to think about what they can do to champion wellbeing within their role. We talk a lot about the importance of developing aspiring and deputy managers, so why not look out for opportunities in 2020 to promote wellbeing within their roles too. Not only will this help them to think about their own wellbeing as they become the next generation of managers, you’ll be supporting your own by ‘connecting’ and ‘giving’.

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