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Oak House Kitchen

VALIDATED, ACCESSIBLE & COST-EFFECTIVE DYSPHAGIA TRAINING that meets regulatory requirements for dysphagia management mapped to the ‘Eating Drinking and Swallowing Competency Framework’ and IDDSI. We provide validated training, packaged to meet your organisation’s needs. Quality food and drink provision is paramount to the safety and quality of life for people in health and social care settings. Our mission is to provide health and social care organisations with effective methods to deliver foodservice systems for regular and specialised diets that support the wide variety of needs residents and patients require. We understand, and see, that a dynamic approach is achievable that can provide choice, quality and safety; reduce time and costs; and provide assurance to organisations, regulators and patients. We know that through understanding, training and engagement high quality operations are sustainable for patients and residents to benefit across all settings, age groups and cultures.

This provider offers courses in: Sensory loss, Learning disabilities, Mental health, Long term conditions, Dementia, Safeguarding, End of Life Care, Other

Region: National

Level of endorsement: Endorsed

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