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WayMakers Devon Community Interest Company

Our mission is to improve opportunities and outcomes for autistic and/or anxious people aged 14+. We are committed to a person-centred, strengths-based and solution-focused model, believing that to support individuals effectively, we must look at what they *can* do in order to optimise their chances in life, while also working to lower the barriers they encounter across society. We recognise that needs are more important than labels, hence why our work focuses on growing an understanding of autism within the broad spectrum of neurodiversity, and encouraging the development of practical tools available to workforces, so that they can deliver effective support to those who are undiagnosed and presenting with autistic traits, as well as those who are diagnosed as autistic. Our vision is to make a positive impact on an increasingly inclusive society which values and appreciates all neurotypes, enabling all to participate, contribute and benefit from the communities in which they live.

This provider offers courses in: Well being, Autism, Other

Region: South West

Level of endorsement: Endorsed

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Telephone: 07309563563

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