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Aims ~Achievement To provide information about current practice and pre - therapy intervention. To enhance and refresh current knowledge in addition to core counselling/health practitioner training. To develop skills and intervention processes in addition to current training to assist with the best possible outcomes for clients. Objectives ~ Presentation To present current working practices around the course subject. To provide clear, concise and researched information that enhances and improves skills sets. To demonstrate different ways of working to suit different client needs. Learning Outcomes ~ On Completion, Learners should be able to: To have an informed understanding of what a client affected by trauma, may have to endure as well as and in addition to the event. To be able to explain the procedures that are involved within varying levels of traumatic incident. To identify the service needs of different types of clients: when to work with those needs and when to refer

This provider offers courses in: Accredited qualifications, Well being, Mental health, Safeguarding, Other

Region: National

Level of endorsement: Endorsed

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