Leaders and directors

Leaders and directors of adult social care services have a huge amount of reponsibility. The way you lead not only impacts your staff and those you're providing care and support to, but the whole social care sector as an integrated service.

It's important that you continue to develop yourself and form strong networks of peer support to help you perform to the best of your ability. You have the capacity to influence the direction of the social care sector. Leadership development programmes will challenge your personal leadership style and give you the opportunity to hear from experienced directors and senior voices from business, government, health and social care. 

As a leader or director in social care it's also important that you cosider the legacy you're leaving behind. Leadership development programmes will help you with your succession planning to make sure you're growing teams of strong, capable, skilled leaders. 

For more information about the resources and support we provide for leaders and managers please visit our leadership and management page

The role of a director in social care is fast paced and high pressured. New directors, or those aspiring to take up director positions, are often required to rapidly enhance their leadership skills and political intelligence to positively impact on the workforce and services they oversee.

Our New Directors leadership and development programme has been developed in partnership with the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS). It is for new and aspiring directors of adult social care with statutory responsibility. It supports a successful transition into the role of Director of Adult Social Services within local government.

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The Top Leaders programme is for those in the most senior positions in social care and health from private, public and third sector organisations. This leadership development programme will provide you with the opportunity to build integrated peer networks with other leaders in senior positions and to collectively reflect on workplace challenges and the systems you oversee.

The programme focuses on the fast changing issues facing the social care and health sectors and how you can individually and collectively influence positive change. There’ll  be opportunities to explore your personal leadership style, reflect on your workplace challenges and improve your performance to achieve impact  across service and system boundaries. 

Benefits to you:

  • explore and develop your personal leadership style in order to best meet your  workplace challenges
  • increase your influence and impact as a senior leader within your organisation   across health and social care services
  • learn from best practice examples of leadership through exposure to sector leaders and senior policy figures from health and social care
  • access support from a strong network of peers working at a senior level in leadership roles  across the care sector.

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