Nominated Individuals

The nominated individual is an important role for regulated providers, with a key relationship and responsibility to the Care Quality Commission (CQC). It’s important you are supported to meet your responsibilities.

We’ve grouped the Skills for Care resources relevant to a nominated individual below, meaning you can always go straight to the information you need. Whether you combine your role with other duties (such as the registered manager role) or focus entirely on this responsibility, Skills for Care’s practical guidelines can help.

Our Standards and legislation section of our website can deepen knowledge and help you to make sure your organisation complies with:

  • the Care Act – learning materials to help you and your organisation understand how to meet the legal requirements
  • the Care Certificate – a range of practical resources to help you and your registered manager(s) understand the CQC expectations of this induction process for those joining the sector
  • the Manager Induction Standards (MIS) –a measure of good practice and an induction tool for new managers or those taking up a new position. The MIS are also key if you are involved in succession planning within your organisation.

We help regulated providers understand the expectations of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), their Fundamental Standards and what will be focused on as part of the inspection process.  We have a range of practical tools, resources and guidance to help you to meet your responsibilities:

  • Our Recommendations for CQC Providers guide will help you to understand the learning and development of workers to meet the Fundamental Standards. The Leadership and Management section includes specific information for nominated individuals.
  • Care Improvement Works is a one-stop-shop of improvement and workforce development resources from both Skills for Care and the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE). Our resources are mapped to the CQC’s inspection questions so you can select the areas for improvement relevant to you.
  • Our Developing your workforce to meet CQC regulations seminars are a must if staff in the services you have responsibility for are preparing for a CQC inspection. 

Effective leadership and management skills ensure an effective, well-resourced and empowered organisation. Our support for leaders and managers includes:

  • Leadership programmes, because how you lead affects others around you and good leadership can transform an organisation
  • the Leadership Qualities Framework (LQF), which describes in a clear way what good leadership looks like at different levels
  • Workforce planning, to make sure that you have the right people, providing the right care and help your business to grow
  • our People Performance Management Toolkit, which includes useful scenarios, like what to do if someone’s performance is slipping or if they’re on extended sick leave.

Registered manager networks provide managers with valuable opportunities and space to learn, reflect and be challenged.

Share this list of networks with your registered manager.

Sign your registered manager(s) up to the membership body for registered managers in England. For £35 per year our members receive:

  • Membership Handbook
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Mentor or mentee opportunities
  • Discounts on resources
  • Certificate of Membership

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Grow skilled and capable managers using:

The most important aspect of what any service provides is the quality of life for the people who use it. You and your registered manager should be: 

Good workforce planning is about having the right level of staffing to meet your organisations goals. The following resources can help:

A key part of your role as a nominated individual is to supervise external relationships, making sure that they are working well.

  • Use our resources to help you to engage your volunteers in the best way. Volunteers should work safely and confidently.
  • Our community skills resources focus on how you can help and empower local people to understand how their skills and knowledge can be shared to improve the wellbeing of others. We have a range of resources including case studies and practical tools to help you embed community skills development.

How you manage yourself influences how you manage and lead others. Whether you want to develop or refresh your leadership and management skills, our support includes:

As a nominated individual, you should be strongly committed to working with others and embedding best practice. Our area teams can signpost you to relevant networks, other nominated individuals, information, tools and the availability of funding for learning and development.

Your role is also about celebrating achievements across the organisation and raising the profile outside of it. We’d love to celebrate with you. 

  • Why not enter our Accolades awards? Each year Skills for Care celebrates excellence across the adult social care sector.  This mark of quality and achievement can reward innovation and best practice across a range of focus including; best employer, best employer support to registered managers, apprenticeships, recruitment initiatives, leadership and management and new models of care.
  • Join the I Care…Ambassadors. This national team of care workers talk about what it’s like to work in social care to try and bring new professionals into social care. Talking honestly and enthusiastically about their job makes a real difference. One in three people told us they are more likely to consider a career in social care having heard from an ambassador.   You can nominate your care workers to become ambassadors by registering  as an I Care…Ambassador service. They don’t just promote the sector – they promote your business as well.