People Performance Management

People performance management is important and doing it well has a big impact on the quality of care that your service provides.

You should remember that performance management isn’t just about issues – it’s also key to motivating, supporting and encouraging hardworking staff.

The ability to manage your people is extremely important. We've produced a ‘People performance management toolkit’ to help you. This toolkit is regularly reviewed to ensure it is up-to-date. Most recently, it was refreshed June 2021 to include information on supporting staff when they return to work from long term sick. 

It's split into seven sections, so it's easy to find the part you need.

  • people performance management
  • where should I start?
  • reviewing employee performance
  • managing different types of performance
  • conversations about performance
  • scenarios
  • help in a hurry
     People performance management toolkit                         

It contains useful scenarios, like what to do if someone’s performance is slipping or if they're on extended sick leave.

The practical tool demonstrates how applying a range of different skills and behaviours during the management process can help you maintain a motivated team.

 Download the People Performance Management Toolkit                                                             

The toolkit doesn't replace organisational policies and procedures where they exist and should be used as an additional resource. It was developed in partnership with NHS Employers.

The toolkit talks about the important of supervision. Take a look at how we can help you with supervisions.