The care exchange


'The care exchange' is back for a second series. Once again it will be hosted by Skills for Care locality managers Pia Rathje-Burton (left) and Ali Rusbridge (right). 

If you missed the first series of 'The care exchange' or want to catch up on any episodes, tune in to The care exchange - Series one.

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Episode 3: Fly with wings

Our guest Mark Topps was a registered manager for 6 years, he reflects on his learnings during that time including the importance of sharing, making the role what you want it to be and having a good work-life balance. Mark discusses the importance of standing up for what you believe and challenging things you don’t agree with. He also shares his top tips for using social media to network, find support and latest guidance.  

Podcast resources:

  • Learning from events: this 35-minute, digital interactive learning module is designed to support managers and leaders in all adult social care settings to carry out learning reviews. Find out more about the module. 
  • Putting the social media in social care:  our blog explores how social care providers can use social media for their organisation. Read the blog.
  • Facebook group: managers supporting one-another by sharing advice, guidance and experiences. Join the Facebook group. 


Episode 2: The snow globe effect 

Martyn Dawes, registered manager and author, talks about how we all have a tendency to overthink things. He believes that for managers in stressful situations it’s important to stop, step back and create time to reset, to avoid thoughts becoming overwhelming and wait for the answers to come. He stresses the importance of making the right decisions against making the easy decisions.    

Podcast resources 


Episode 1: Springing out of bed in the morning  

Ali and Pia are joined by Kate Terroni, CQC Chief Inspector for Adult Social Care, who talks about how she had sleepless nights before her first CQC inspection.

She discusses how leadership is a privilege, how happy workers equal high-quality care and the importance of keeping well. Kate also talks about why coproduction is so important to her and how she believes in being ambitious to work towards your vision of how things should be.   

Podcast resources

  • Registered manager networks - Join a local network and connect with other managers at a local level, building a supportive network and sharing best practice and learning. Find out more.  
  • Facebook group: used every day by managers to support one-another by sharing advice, guidance and experiences - Join the Facebook group.  

  • Membership: We can support you with exclusive resources, discounts and a monthly newsletter to help you keep up-to-date with sector developments and best practice and share ideas with like-minded peers. Find out more 

  • Person centred and community-based working - strength based approaches: this resource contains information, ideas and bite-size learning about person centred and community-based working. We’ve used stories and examples of what providers told us works well and is important for people to live good lives. Find the guide here