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Due to the challenges of COVID-19, there is a delay in the dispatch of hardcopy membership benefits when you buy or renew membership; we are currently fulfilling orders on a monthly basis. Before posting your resource we will email you to confirm that your hardcopy benefit is being dispatched. We apologise for any inconvenience. 

Skills for Care is the membership organisation for registered managers in England. Through membership we support managers to develop best practice and knowledge, keep up-to-date with sector developments and share ideas with like-minded peers.

Membership benefits at a glance

For only £35 a year, our members receive:

  • a printed copy of our ‘Social care manager’s handbook’
  • monthly newsletters, including practical information and guidance
  • an exclusive annual resource, when you renew your membership
  • discounts on key resources, programmes and seminars
  • the chance to train to become a mentor, or receive mentoring
  • a membership certificate and logo.

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Membership isn’t just about the fantastic resources our managers have received, it’s about creating a shared identity and status around the role of the registered manager.  Nigel Taylor, CareTech Group Head of Learning and Development

Feedback from the mentoring programme

As registered managers navigated the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for them to access support from other managers became more important than ever. 

The Skills for Care Membership Team supported mentoring relationships to continue virtually. Our mentors attend training to help them develop skills in mentoring, including techniques for questioning, listening and providing feedback.

June Stephenson is the Director and registered manager at Orchard House Care Home Scarborough. In 2020, she accessed support from one of our mentors.

"I have found my mentoring sessions with my mentor very beneficial. We have discussed many topics, but I was particularly interested in developing a better system for governance. I have already adopted some of the tips my mentor shared for some audits I was not already doing and will be implementing these. I have also devised a matrix so that audit and compliance folders can be easily found and identified by staff.

I particularly liked her suggestion for reviewing all audits 6 monthly to identify any recurring themes and to ensure that any action plans raised have been carried through.

We have also prepared information to display for all staff on the location of isolators for all utilities in the event of an emergency and senior management not being in the building.


I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank my mentor for the support and encouragement she has given me."


SCMH 250 x 250pxWhen you become a member, you'll receive a number of free or discounted resources to support your role and your service. 

  • Become a member and get a copy of our ‘Social care manager’s handbook’. It covers what you need to know and understand to succeed in your role.
  • Monthly members' newsletter, sharing practical information and guidance
  • Members receive 25% off our 'Effective supervision' and 'Workplace assessment' guides. Take a look on our bookshop here.
  • When you renew your membership, you receive an exclusive printed workbook edition of our 'An introduction to working with partners: a practical guide for social care managers'. This guide was written to help social care managers map out who their partners are, describe their role and responsibilities for working with others and consider how partnerships can be improved. 
  • If you don't yet have the 'Wellbeing for registered managers: a practical survival guide' you can still buy it on our bookshop here.

Registered managers need the support of other registered managers. 


Marlene Kelly, registered manager, Auburn Mere Care Home

Monthly newsletter

Members receive a monthly e-newsletter, full of practical information, updates and guidance for registered managers.

Member blogs

As a member you can share best practice, ideas, news and information with other members. Read some of our members' blogs below. Some examples are below.

Supporting new managers from the outset is key (July 2019)

Julie Lusk, registered manager at Solar Care Homes has worked her way from support worker, senior and deputy manager, to registered manager. She talks about how she's embraced her new role through working with peers and engaging with other managers, taking part in pilots, networks, events and forums.

Reaping the many benefits of mentoring  (March 2019)

Kerry Richards, registered manager at Kare Plus in Weybridge talks about how accessing support from a mentor has helped her service retain its values as it grows. Kerry has taken advantage of the mentoring benefit, part of her registered manager membership. 

If you're a member and have any news to share, or would be interested in talking to us about a blog, please contact us on

Membership is a great, cost-effective way for organisations and employers to invest in their managers. When you buy membership for 10 or more managers you'll receive 10% off the total cost of membership. 

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When you renew your membership up to April 2022, you’ll receive a printed workbook edition of our new ‘An introduction to working with partners: a practical guide for social care managers' that’s exclusively available to registered manager members. 

The guide was written to help you map out who your partners are, describe your role and responsibilities for working with others and consider how partnerships can be improved. It includes lots of great examples from other services about who they work with and provides exercises for you to complete to help you to embed and grow partnerships, no matter how well you already work well with others.   

How do I renew my membership?     

We'll write to you when it's time to renew. You can then login to your account, and go to your membership pages and follow the ‘Renew now’ link. 

To ensure you don't forget to renew, you can now set up an annual subscription so that your membership renews automatically.  


Join our growing group of mentors

Our members have opportunities to learn and practice skills in mentoring. They can choose to join our growing group of existing mentors who provide peer-to-peer support for other members.

We run opportunities for members to train and hone existing skills in mentoring throughout the year.

Looking for a mentor?

By becoming a member you have exclusive access to our bank of qualified mentors. You’ll be matched with another member who has been trained as a mentor, based on the areas of development you're looking for.

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Member peer support and learning groups

From August 2020 we’re facilitating registered manager member peer support and learning groups. The groups utilise the principles of action learning to aid problem solving with other managers and every session is run by an expert Skills for Care facilitator.

The groups are exclusively available to our members.

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