Hospice in the weald

Mission statement: Compassionate, personalised and holistic care for everyone in our community living with a terminal illness, and for those important to them. Our values: One of the biggest challenges for successful strategy is that the individual people within organisations often have a hard time translating "big ideas" into specific actions. A well thought out set of organisational values offers a roadmap for achieving strategic aims through day to day interactions between colleagues as well as patients, and those important to them. Setting organisational values which feel authentic and can be practised on a day by day basis will, over time, drip feed the culture of an organisation. •Honest - we are a trustworthy and reliable organisation that treats people with respect, manages risk appropriately and lets people know when we make a mistake. • Learning – we strive to continually learn in all aspects of our work and embrace the changes needed to become even better.

This provider offers courses in: Workforce Development Fund (WDF) qualifications, Accredited qualifications, Apprenticeships, Lead to Succeed – Skills for Care licenced programme, Well-Led - Skills for Care licenced programme, Understanding performance management - Skills for Care CPD Module, Understanding self-management skills - Skills for Care CPD Module, Understanding workplace culture - Skills for Care CPD Module

Region: South East

Level of endorsement: Endorsed

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Email: lisa.love@hospiceintheweald.org.uk

Telephone: 01892 820497