Life Story Network/tide

Vision - Transforming care environments through the power of life stories, unlocking learner’s potential to be the best that they can be. Mission Using the power of life stories, LSN values the experiences of people and communities with diversity, providing learners with opportunities to succeed and celebrate. Values Transparent - We will be upfront, open and honest with ourselves, organisation and learners, building trusting relationships, we will share our rationale for making decisions and taking the right actions. Tenacious - We will have the courage and resilience to remain dedicated to our mission, dedicated to learner’s success, despite any barriers. Inclusive - We will always value the diversity of perspectives, experiences, knowledge, skills, cultures and beliefs that people have to share and contribute creating one integrated group of learners. Empathetic - We will aspire to always understand the feelings of all we work with so that they feel respected.

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Level of endorsement: Endorsed

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Telephone: 0151 237 2669