Effective workplace assessment

There are a variety of skills assessment practices across adult social care employers. Managers need to ensure the quality of their assessment processes in order to ensure that workers are competent and quality care is provided.

Many adult social care employees have to work outside of the direct line of sight of more senior workers and so an assessment of competence is essential to know that they can deliver safe and effective care. Assessment is also used to ensure that workers have met parts of the Care Certificate.

Training alone does not guarantee that a worker understands what was taught and the standards of care that must be delivered. Every employer has a responsibility to assess knowledge and competence rather than merely assume that learning will be applied.

Guide: Effective workforce assessment

This guide provides useful advice if you wish to ensure that effective supervision is provided to all your staff, from their first day on the job through to the time they leave the organisation.

It provides advice and information on the benefits of supervision, different approaches to it and how supervision can be used to support people in the induction process and beyond.

Both existing supervisors and those wishing to develop these skills further will benefit from the guide and as it’s not just intended for ‘supervisors’ everyone involved in the supervision process so those being supervised, can learn what to expect of their supervisors.

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Effective workplace assessment summary 

Our free guide gives a summary of how you can start to enforce and practice effective workplace assessment. It also gives further insight of what is in the main guide.