Direct observation documents and supporting guidance

WomanThe assessment of the direct observation of newly qualified social workers (NQSWs) is a six stage process. Using the tables below you can access the templates required for each part of the direct observation.

You can choose to use the new assessment criteria in place of the direct observation guidance and templates contained in the critical reflection log.     

We've developed guidance to help you in completing these templates.


Part 1 (to be completed by the NQSW)

Part 1a

preparation and planning for the observation

Part 1b

post-observation structured written reflection template

Part 1c    

NQSW response to the assessment of the direct observation (optional)


Part 2 (to be completed by the assessor)

Part 2a   

the direct observation standardised assessment criteria template

Part 2b

standardised assessment criteria for structured written reflection

Part 2c

overarching holistic assessment of the observation and written reflection