Finding and keeping workers

Helping you with recruitment and retention challenges

Finding and keeping workers supports health and social care providers of all sizes with their recruitment and retention challenges.

It aims to be the first place you visit for recruitment and retention information and includes a range of useful videos, case studies and websites to help you deal with some of the most common issues.

All the information has been grouped into four sections which will help you attract the right people, foster talent and increase skills, and keep your colleagues for longer. There is also a resources library which you can use to search for information most relevant to you.

This resource supports the implementation of the adult social care recruitment and retention strategy 2014-17.

Attract more people

If you struggle to find people to work for you, this section will give you some ideas to overcome this problem.

It explains how you can attract workers of all ages, for example by visiting your local Jobcentre Plus, schools and colleges to talk about the benefits and the career opportunities in care. There’s also information about employing overseas workers.

Take on the right people

If you struggle to recruit workers with the right skills, values and talent to work in care, this section will help you to overcome this problem.

It shows you how a values-based approach to recruitment and retention can save you time and money, as well as legal requirements for employing care workers. 

Develop talent and skills

If you’re looking for different ways of developing your staff, this section can help.

It explains the importance of effective induction and shows how to make the most of supervision. There is also information about different types of learning you could offer to increase the skills and experience of your workforce.

Keep your people

If you find it difficult to retain employees, this section can help.

It explains how you can create a positive workplace that will encourage staff to stay for longer. There’s also information about how you can provide fair terms and conditions for your workforce.

Resources to help you

If you’re looking for something specific or just want some general information about recruitment and retention, the resources library can help.

This library of information includes website, documents and videos from across health and social care, which have been provided by employers of all sizes.

Share what has worked well

If you know of any documents, videos or websites which have helped you to overcome a recruitment and retention issue in the past, or if you have an example of something which has worked well, we want to hear from you.

If you have something which could be added to the resources library, please complete the form below to tell us a bit more about it. We’ll then contact you to discuss your suggestion further.

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More support 

We offer bespoke support to help you with your recruitment and retention challenges, including help to attract more people, recruit candidates with the right values and behaviours as well as create a work environment where employees want to stay. For more information please contact