Recruitment and retention

Three care workers sat round a table with a person in a wheelchair

Demand for care and support continues to grow, and Skills for Care estimates that around 390,000 people leave their jobs every year – that’s over 1,000 every day - and approximately 110,000 vacancies at any one time.  

This means we need to increase the size and skills of the adult social care workforce, and stem the flow of wasted resources on recruiting people who aren't going to stay in the sector. 

Recruiting and retaining a skilled workforce, who have the right values, can help you deliver high quality and consistent care and support.

The Department of Health and Social Care are embarking on a national recruitment campaign for adult social care. Read more about this campaign here


Resources to help

We have lots of tools and resources to help you recruit and retain the right staff.

Our Secrets of success research explores what social care employers with a turnover of less than 10% do, that contributes to sucessful recruitment and retention. You can also download the key messages and infographic


Finding and keeping workers has practical resources to help you attract, take on and keep the right people for your organisation. Here are some of the ways you can do this:

  • A good workforce plan can ensure you have the right people to meet the changing needs and future opportunities for your business. We have easy to use workforce planning resources to help.  

  • Take a look at our values based recruitment and retention toolkit to make sure you have people with the right values to work for you.

  • The I Care…Ambassadors initiative is a great way to promote your organisation to potential recruits in your local community, and help motivate your existing staff.

  • If you’re looking for someone to work in a leadership role in your organisation take a look at our National Graduate Management Training Scheme.

  • If you’re looking for pre-employment training our sector route-way has now been established as the pre-employment support process for adult social care in England.


For individuals who employer their own care and support (through a direct payment, personal health budget or self-funded)

If you employ your own care and support staff as an individual employer our information hub help you.


For social work employers

We can also help you to find the right people with the right skills to work to become social workers.