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Recognising the responsibilities and contribution of registered nurses within social care is essential, with the workforce totalling 34,000. 

The registered nurse role is a complex, relationship-based, multi-faceted role, rooted in nursing knowledge. Nurses often have high levels of autonomy, decision making and responsibility so that they can offer high quality support to people with a range of complex needs. 


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This is a statement of role 'Recognising the responsibilities and contribution of registered nurses within social care', knowledge and skills for the 34,000 registered nurses working in social care. It provides a detailed description of this complex role.


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This Infographic brings the role of a registered nurse to life to gain an understanding and appreciation of the complexity of the role.


Professional leadership programme - Developing nurse leaders in social care 

Tailored to meet the needs of senior registered nurses working in adult social care. The programme enables participants to develop their leadership approach in situations such as working across professional, organisational and system boundaries, developing and implementing new practice and service redesign projects, using high-level negotiating and influencing skills andtaking the lead in contexts that are unfamiliar, complex and unpredictable.

Hear from programme attendees and faciliators.

Duration 5 min 6 seconds


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Ten myths about being a registered nurse in social care

We dispel some of the myths around being a registered nurse in adult social care, for example, ‘being a registered nurse in adult social care is easy’, ‘you do this if you can’t get a proper job’ and ‘you can’t get re-validated’.

Duration 5 mins 8 secs