Skills for Care

When an individual has demonstrated ambition, drive and potential, you can build on their experience by undertaking learning programmes, induction standards and qualifications. 

Creating formal development programmes for those aspiring to be new managers and deputies is a great way of building their confidence and abilities. 

A development programme can help your new managers and deputies understand the responsibilities of being a manager, the breadth of the role and the influence they will have in the position.

A good leadership programme will have clear and relevant learning outcomes, include a focus on interaction with other learners, support and encourage reflection, grow someone’s skills and confidence, not just their knowledge and provide a certificate of completion.

The first signs of a good development programme may be increased confidence, more independent working and decision-making, etc. As their skills increase, your managers will have the confidence to delegate more.

We recommend that you incorporate the following into your development programme that can usually be undertaken within 12 months.

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Lead to Succeed is a practical learning programme for aspiring managers and deputies in adult social care services. 

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The standards set out what managers need to know, understand and be able to do in the role of a manager.

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This knowledge-based qualification ensures learners understand the principles of leadership and management in adult care services.


What other providers do

Across adult social care providers there are a wide range of development programmes on offer to support those wanting to progress to new manager and deputy roles.

Find out more about the three services that have found their own ways to develop their existing talent.

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Find out about Future Directions CIC's programmes to enable the development of new and aspiring managers and deputies.

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Find out about Sense's comprehensive leadership development programme that has now been running successfully for a few years.

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Find out about The Westminster Society's Aspiring managers / Inspiring leaders programme.