Standards and legislation

Two women and a man sat around a table listening to a presenter

The delivery of care and support is changing and becoming more complex. This can lead to a lack of consistency in the service provided and difficulty in regulating care.

Standards help with consistency as they ensure those working in the sector meet a high level of quality when providing care and support. Legislation has also been introduced to help do this.

We’ve developed a variety of tools and resources to help you meet some of the standards set for adult social care.

In this section of the website you’ll find information on the Care Certificate, the minimum standards that should be covered as part of induction training of new care workers, and the Manager Induction Standards. The standards we recommend that all new and aspiring managers complete. 

There’s guidance on how to meet Care Quality Commission regulations, as well as resources to support you adhere to the Care Act and the Mental Capacity Act.

Have a look at the Code of Conduct which sets the standard of conduct expected of all adult social care workers and healthcare support workers in England.

You’ll also find details of the National Occupation Standards, tools for benchmarking qualifications as well as defining roles at work.

If you’re thinking of setting up a new care organisation we have guidance and tools to help.