Skills for Care

The Care Certificate workbook is a free downloadable resource to support the training process and help you and your new workers cover parts of the Care Certificate.

There's a workbook for each standard supported by an introduction and glossary. Each standard includes knowledge content and ends with a section where learners can record their understanding.

The use of the workbook is optional and you might want to adapt or develop your own materials to meet the standards.

You can choose to incorporate some or all of the workbook into your induction programmes. 

Share the Care Certificate videos 

You can download our accessible video resources to host/embed on your website. You can also share on your organisation's social media accounts by using the share icon on the video.

Download the full suite of our accessible video 

Please note: the full suite download is approx 8 mins. If you don't have time to hang around you can download the video for each standard in the drop-down area.


An introduction to the Care Certificate

Duration 5 mins 47 secs


Employer responsibility

There is no answer book to accompany the workbook. It's the employers responsibility to judge the competency of your workers and arrange additional training, support and supervision as required.


Care Certificate workbook

Save and evidence - Please download and save the workbook to avoid loss of data.