Positive workplace culture

A young woman smiling looking happy

A positive workplace culture is absolutely central to quality care and support, which is why recognising and understanding the elements of culture is so important.

It will benefit every employer to make sure that their workforce can identify the positive aspects of a workplace culture and understand the impact it can have upon performance and outcomes.

People who work within positive workplace cultures are more likely to benefit from a united sense of identity and a feeling of belonging. This can encourage loyalty to the employer and collaborative team working.


We’re currently updating our Culture toolkit which will be available later this year.

The business benefits of a positive workplace culture

Improved quality

  • Improvement in the quality, consistency and personalisation of services.

Stable, skilled workforce

  • A happier, more settled and skilled workforce with improved wellbeing.
  • A workforce engaged in flexible and innovative ways of working.
  • Attracting new, talented, like minded staff as people make positive choices about where they want to work due to the culture of the workplace.

Reduced costs

  • Reduction in staff turnover and fewer staff absences.
  • Reduced recruitment and staffing costs.
  • Reduced current and future workplace issues.

Greater resilience in times of change

  • Workforce has improved ability to cope when facing external challenges.

Improved reputation and market share

  • Improved reputation.
  • Raised profile with commissioners and people who monitor the quality of services.
  • Directly contributes to an improved image of the sector with increased public confidence in care and support services.