Supporting the diverse workforce within adult social care

COVID-19 recovery and beyond

People from ethnic minority communities account for one in five of the adult social care workforce in England and play a vital role in the day-to-day care of people in our communities.

Skills for Care has been acutely aware of the challenges facing Black, Asian and ethnic minorities. COVID-19 has highlighted and brought these challenges to the forefront for many communities. The Office for National Statistics 2020 data recently revealed the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 illness and death among those in ethnic minority communities. 

It is essential that Skills for Care continue to support leaders and managers from ethnic minorities and share their experiences during the pandemic. We have undertaken surveys, webinars and peer coaching to learn more and help deliver the best possible support to this important part of the workforce


Watch our series of highly passionate and extremely illustrative webinars around the challenges facing leaders and managers from minority ethnic backgrounds.

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Take a look at our blogs discussing key issues and real working scenarios from people within ethnic minority communities working across adult social care.

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Webinar Series

We have developed a series of webinars all facilitated by Sophie Chester-Glynn. Sophie leads the popular weekly online discussion programme Chat for Carers, as well as being a frontline employer. Each webinar featured a panel of BAME leaders with lived experiences; the lively discussions focused on sharing understanding and generating ideas around key issues.


⓵ Supportive leadership during COVID-19 webinar (July 2020)


The aim of this webinar was to provide support to colleagues during the pandemic and explore the disproportionate effect COVID-19 was having on BAME communities.

It focuses on how organisations need to do more to be inclusive and be aware of the challenges their staff are facing. It also looks at how registered managers play a part in ensuring their staff have the space to undertake difficult conversations. It features a panel of experts across the field presenting on the challenges and looking at possible solutions to drive and deliver change.



⓶ Building alliances to support BAME staff (July 2020)



This webinar aimed to create the space for colleagues in the sector to think about who they need to work with to deliver and influence change.

It focuses on addressing the challenges head on by reflecting on the history of the panels' lived experience and what strategies they have learnt and put into place to combat and protect themselves. The webinar asks participants to seek out networks and colleagues to build alliances with. This webinar illustrates that by understanding the problems, they are not solely those of people from a Black, Asian and ethnic minority; but belong to everyone and are everyone’s responsibility.



⓷ Mental well-being and the workforce (July 2020)



COVID-19 is having a huge impact on the mental wellbeing of people from ethnic minority communities.

In this webinar, we explore how to protect your mental wellbeing, how COVID-19 is impacting on staff and what organisations should and can do to help their staff. The panel of experts discuss the history and impact of everyday discrimination, social inequalities and the effect these complex challenges and stresses can have on staff mental health and wellbeing. It also covers how risk assessments should be managed by organisations and what individuals can do to work and assist each other.


⓸ Collaborations and supportive networks within organisations (August 2020)


Whilst networking internally and building alliances is really important, understanding how to network with colleagues outside your organisation and the benefits this can bring is really important too.

This webinar identifies the challenges organisations, networks and individuals can face.    


Hear from key people discussing current BAME related topics within the adult social care sector.

Lived experience: Iron Boots over my shoes.

Viola Nzira talks about the minority status in the UK among people from BAME backgrounds working in social care.

She believes embracing this status can support individuals to negotiate their way successfully within society at large and work environments.

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Intersectionality: a smokescreen for exclusion?

Clenton Farquarharson MBE, talks about intersectionality and what it means to him and society as a whole.

I will always remember. I was sitting with a group of people I considered friends, chatting about how to put the world to rights. And then I said something that made one of my friends angry. He pointed a finger at me, and shouted, “Clenton, in this struggle, you’ve got to choose. You can be disabled or black. Not both.”

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