Leadership Qualities Framework

The Leadership Qualities Framework (LQF) describes the attitudes and behaviours needed for high quality leadership at all levels across the social care workforce. It focuses on the values and behaviours that provide the foundations for effective leadership in social care.

Use the framework

  • by individuals to review and reflect on their performance as a leader
  • to support recruitment and selection to leadership and management roles
  • to inform the design of staff development and leadership learning programmes  
  • to review individual, team and organisational development and performance.

The framework describes the key leadership behaviours and attitudes that need to be demonstrated by social care managers at all levels. 

It's useful because many people working in social care know that good leadership is very important to high quality care provision, but often find it difficult to articulate what it means, either for themselves or their organisations.

The LQF describes  what good leadership looks like and shows the attitudes and behaviours needed for high quality care. It's designed for use by everyone in the social care workforce, no matter what the size of their organisation or the nature of their role.

Download the Leadership Qualities Framework


Guide for those in governance roles

We've produced a guide for those in governance roles. It utilises a number of job descriptions including chairs, chief executives, trustees and directors to explain how to dimensions of the framework work in practice. 

If you want to use it as a workbook there are a series of questions you can use to reflect on your role as a leader and it contains lots of resources and support that you may find helpful.