Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct sets the standard expected of all adult social care workers and healthcare support workers in England. It outlines the behaviours and attitudes that people who need care and support should rightly expect.

It’s commonly used alongside the Care Certificate. The Code of Conduct describes how a support worker should behave and the Care Certificate describes the minimum things they must know and be able to do.

The Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct ensures you can:

  • be sure of the standards your worker is expected to meet
  • check that your worker can fulfil the requirements of their role, behave correctly and do the right thing at all times
  • identify areas for continuing professional development.

You could use the code to inform objective setting, personal development reviews, investigation and complaints procedures.

The Code of Conduct is voluntary but is seen as a sign of good practice. It replaces the codes of practice previously developed by General Social Care Council (GSCC).

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Guidance for employers

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Guidance for the public

Listen to an audio version of the Code of Conduct

The audio version is also available for download in MP3 format (35.42mb)