The way you manageSupervision is about sharing, showing and giving support to help another person make progress and feel comfortable in their work.

It involves making time and developing a practical structure to provide this support.

Effective supervision is important to all, whether a new care worker or the CEO of a multi-site national care organisation.

Good supervision enables staff to:

  • build effective professional relationships
  • develop good practice in the performance of their work
  • exercise judgement and make good decisions
  • improve the quality of work.

Ineffective supervision can reduce productivity, increase absenteeism, create or prolong workplace conflict, damage the culture and impact the quality of care being delivered.

Effective supervision guide

Our ‘Effective supervision in adult social care’ guide covers all you need to know about workplace supervision understanding supervision such as:      
  • the role of the supervisor and what is expected 
  • providing supervision 
  • scheduling and timing
  • informal supervision and support 
  • reflective practice in supervision 
  • delivering the Care Certificate. 
  • appraisal.

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