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supporting registered managers - web imageAt the heart of every outstanding service is a manager who’s working hard to ensure that they can create a person-centred culture that delivers great, high-quality care.

We're the membership organisation for registered managers in England and support managers to do just that. 

Through our day-to-day work with managers, research and consultation activities, we understand and respond to the opportunities and challenges facing registered managers.

Whether you’re just starting out in your career, or are an experienced registered manager, we support you to develop your skills, knowledge and confidence to lead a well-led service.

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As the membership organisation for registered managers in England we want to ensure that our work and activity is shaped by the experiences and views of managers and our members.

Members of our Registered Manager Reference Group help to steer and provide feedback on Skills for Care’s work, through their experience, advice and enthusiasm. The group meets three times a year and provides support to Skills for Care’s projects and campaigns.  

We work closely with the reference group to raise the profile of the registered manager role and grow the recognition of its importance and complexity, whilst ensuring registered managers have access to specific support tailored to their needs.


Angela Farrow, Registered and Operations Manager, Home Instead

Angela has been a registered manager for six years. She arrived in adult social care having already gained considerable management experience in other sectors. She’s passionate about sharing information, management training, coaching and support.

I feel management training, coaching and support would be more readily available and part of the employment package if the role had professional status.


Debby Lamont, Head of Care and Quality, Middleton Hall

Debby is an experienced registered manager responsible for care and quality in a retirement village in the North East of England. It’s rated ‘Outstanding’ against all five key lines of enquiry (KLOE). Debby is a registered nurse, specialising in dementia and end of life care.

It is only by getting together and discussing issues we face and sharing best practice that we can strengthen our position in the care sector and hopefully encourage others to come into care.


Jason Denny, Registered Manager, Old Hastings House

Jason has a passion for values-based leadership which he has applied as a registered manager across services including learning disabilities, older people and dementia. He’s currently working towards an MBA in public service management and is a Skills for Care Accolade award winner.

Service quality starts with the manager and is demonstrated in distributed, effective and good leadership.


Lara Bywater, Director, LDC Care ltd

Lara is the registered manager of LDC Care, an ‘Outstanding’ rated service in Kent. Lara contributes to multiple boards and sector programmes as well as leading her local registered manager network.

As managers in care we have a responsibility to share sector pressures and best practice, as well as strive to improve the industry as a whole for both prospective employees and the individuals we support.


Marlene Kelly, Registered Manager, Auburn Mere Care Home

Marlene has been a registered manager for 12 years and is passionate about her role. As a network chair in Watford she’s seen first-hand the importance of bringing managers together and has seen links grow between more than 40 managers in her area.

Registered managers need the support of other registered managers.


Niki Long, Registered Manager, Right at Home UK

Niki is an experienced registered manager. Her passion and experience make her a champion for the sector and are clearly seen in her organisation of a registered manager network in Derby.

I enjoy recruitment and sharing best practice and promoting very detailed person-centred care and carer matching through values-based tools.


Rebecca Heyes, Registered Manager, GS Social Care

Rebecca is a new registered manager, whose enthusiasm and passion means that she has already established strong links with other managers in her area. With a degree in Speech and Language Therapy, Rebecca feels strongly about the importance of effective communication between staff and people needing care and support.

Communication is a basic human right and I feel it is extremely important that we meet the needs of service users in this regard.


Samantha Gardner, Registered Service Manager, Real Life Options

Samantha combines an interest in new training resources and tools for staff, with a desire to share knowledge, good practice and experience. As part of this, Samantha leads a registered manager network in Hartlepool.

We need to support all organisations to work in partnership and to ensure they are giving people high quality support; this must include staff as well as people needing care and support.


Sue Ann Balcombe, Registered Manager, Priscilla Wakefield House

Sue Ann has 16 years’ experience as a registered manager. Sue Ann is keen to share her knowledge and skills as part of the registered manager reference group’s work to support the recognition and profile of the registered manager role.

Having a membership organisation for registered managers in England helps to support registered managers, as well as shape the way they work and how they are supported.

Read Sue Anne's blog here about raising the profile of the registered manager role in our sector. 


Julie Lusk, Registered Manager, Solar Care Homes

Julie has worked her way from support worker, senior and deputy manager, to registered manager. She has embraced working with peers and engaging with other managers, taking part in pilots, networks, events and forums.

Being part of a group of like-minded individuals is really important as the registered manager role can be a lonely one.


Martyn Davies, Owner and Registered Manager, Urmston Manor

Martyn is the registered manager and owner of a service rated ‘Outstanding’ in the North West. He’s also a registered nurse and an active member of a number of local partnerships and networks.

Health and social care is ever-evolving and I enjoy being part of initiatives that can result in positive change.


Dawn Hartley, Director, Community Support Services

Dawn is the registered manager and owner of an ‘Outstanding’ rated service in Yorkshire. Prior to becoming a provider, Dawn managed a variety of local authority care services, giving her a good insight into the challenges faced by both private and public organisations. As a well-established provider, Dawn has strong working relationships with local and regional stakeholders, as well as with other registered managers.

I am particularly interested in the technology we use to manage our services and how we can involve people who we support in this process.


Anneliese Gibb, County Wide Shared Lives Manager, Cambridgeshire Share Lives Services

Anneliese has over 25 years’ experience in social care including time in adult social care provision and as the manager of a local authority workforce development team. Anneliese is now the county-wide manager of Cambridgeshire Shared Lives. These roles have given Anneliese a broad range of experience including delivery, programme development and research.

I have a keen interest in supporting others to learn and develop, particularly ensuring frontline staff are equipped with the knowledge, skills, competences and values to deliver excellent person-centred and outcome-focused support.


Laura Hambridge, Registered Manager, Cordelia Court

Laura started working in adult social care as a carer, progressing through a series of roles until becoming a manager in 2015. During her time in care she has also been a trainer and mentor. Laura is the chair of the Coventry registered manager network, that has established its own annual care awards for local services.

I have specific knowledge with dementia care and end of life care. I also have knowledge in different aspects of training and development.


Sophie Chester-Glyn, Registered Manager and Managing Director, Manor Community Care

Sophie has been involved in care her whole life and is the registered manager and managing director of several services rated ‘Outstanding’ in Bristol. She’s involved in schemes across Bristol to help raise the profile and standards in social care and is also completing a PhD in social care law and human rights.

It’s important for me to stay close to care and the realities and complexities of work from the front line as well as doing research. I feel it’s important to not lose sight of the realities and struggles faced by the sector.

We’ve published two briefings that share key messages from research with over 860 registered managers. The briefings map the research findings to examples of the great work done by managers and their employers, as well as our support for registered managers.

  • Download the first briefing: ‘Who are registered managers?’ here.

  • Download the second briefing: ‘Aspiring and new registered managers’ here.

If you want to know more about registered managers in England, visit the dedicated page from our Workforce Intelligence website here

Supporting staff to move from one role to a higher level is important and succession planning should be a key element of any workforce plan. In addition, we know that all managers benefit from having the support of a confident deputy manager, care coordinator or team leader. 

Go to our 'Developing new managers and deputies' guide that supports your service with succession planning and developing the next generation of managers. 

Take a look at our aspiring manager and new registered manager pilot programme to see how we can help. 

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