Core and mandatory training

We’ve developed guidance on refreshing knowledge and skills in a variety of topic areas based on a review of legislation, guidelines, statutory guidance, standards and recommendations. This was produced in partnership with a panel of social care employers, learning providers and representative organisations and was updated in line with CQC’s revised inspection framework.

Download the core and mandatory training requirements


Refreshing your learning

We’re frequently asked about how and when learning should be refreshed. It’s important that refreshing learning isn’t seen as a ‘tick box’ exercise to repeat or reconfirm prior learning. There are different reasons why a worker needs to refresh their learning which are explored here:

1 - New legislationIntroduction of new legislation or new best practice
Workers must be up-to-date with current legislation and best practice and trained in how to apply this to their work.


2 - New riskIntroduction of a new risk
This could include new equipment, a change to the environment, policy, procedure, or service delivery method; someone accessing care developing additional support needs; or a new client with different needs.


16 - CalendarTimeframes
In some cases, refresher training is required or recommended at specific time intervals. See the mandatory training requirements.


Safeguarding 1 person iconWorker competency
Workers’ competence should be monitored and feedback gathered to ensure that they continue to demonstrate the skills required for their role.