Apprenticeship funding

Funding is different depending on whether you’re a non-apprenticeship levy payer or a levy payer.

If you’re a non-levy paying organisation, you’ll pay for 5% of the cost of the apprenticeship, up to the Government funding rate, and the Government will pay the rest of the cost to the learning provider.

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If you’re a UK employer with an annual payroll of more than £3m, you must pay a levy which can only be used for the training and assessment of apprentices in your organisation. You’ll fund your apprenticeship through a digital levy account to which Government adds 10%. If the cost exceeds the credit in your account, the Government will contribute 95% of these extra costs.

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Levy fund transfer

If levy paying employers can’t or don’t want to spend their levy by the deadline, they’re currently able to transfer up to 25% of their levy funds to another employer. The full Government guidance is available here.

The Education and Skills Funding Agency has created a useful video all about the apprenticeship levy transfer, providing information for organisations wanting to transfer their levy or organisations looking to receive transferred levy funds. Click here to watch the video.


For all employers, there is also a system of incentive payments if:

  • you’re a small organisation
  • employ 16-18 year olds
  • employ a care leaver
  • and also upon completion.

In some cases these incentive payments may be more than your original cash contribution.

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The Workforce Development Fund (WDF) is money to towards the cost of qualifications and learning programmes to support the continuing professional development of staff across adult social care services in England.

Employers can claim funding in two stages for learners on the Adult Care Worker and Lead Adult Care Worker apprenticeship standards – upon completion of the diploma and after the end-point assessment has been passed.

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