Ongoing learning and development

A care worker standing behind a woman in a wheelchair smiling

Ongoing learning will help ensure workers can remain up to date with best practice, and develop and refresh their knowledge and skills.

There are lots of different ways to learn new things and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Our interactive ‘Learning and development guide’ introduces the different options available to help you identify what’s best suited to your business needs and those of your workforce.

The importance of core skills

Every worker in adult social care needs English, number, digital and employability skills, including team work, and problem solving skills. These are collectively known as core skills.

Different roles will require a different level of skill, and it’s an employer’s responsibility to ensure their staff have the right core skills. Take a look at our guide and activities to help you.


Care topics

There are lots of different roles in adult social care providing support to people with very different needs. Many roles require specialist knowledge and skills to ensure workers can provide high quality care. In this section of the website you’ll find tools to help you with different topics.

Search through our A-Z below to find what’s relevant for you.