Overview of the ASYE framework

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Information and resources to help you understand the Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (Adults)

The ASYE is a twelve month, employer- led programme of support and assessment against the Knowledge and Skills Statement for social workers in adult services

It provides planned access to regular and focused support and development within the workplace, together with the assessment of an individual’s professional practice against national standards.

Participation in the ASYE supports newly qualified social workers (NQSWs) to consolidate their degree learning, develop capability and strengthen their professional confidence in an employment environment.

It should be regarded as the first rung on a ladder of career-long continuing professional development (CPD) which will enhance not just the individual social worker, but the adult social care sector as a whole.

We've produced a webinar for employers who are new to the ASYE. It provides an overview of the ASYE in adult services and will help you to implement the programme in your organisation. 


There resources will help you to implement the ASYE within your organisation.

 The record of support and progressive assessment (RSPA) and the critical reflection log (CRL) are templates for recording and evidencing the ASYE assessment process.

The RSPA is completed by the assessor and the CRL is completed by the NQSW. These documents must be used together to meet the minimum evidence requirements for the ASYE.

  • recording and evidencing the ASYE provides an overview of the process for recording and evidencing the ASYE and shows how the two documents are used together

  • the record of support and progressive assessment evidences the development of the NQSW

  • the critical reflection log should be used by the NQSW to demonstrate their progressive development against the KSS and the PCF

  • the ASYE guide for NQSWs provides an overview of the ASYE requirements for the NQSW as the assessor

  • our evidence checklist helps NQSWs and assessors to track the templates and evidence required.

 If you're an employer of child and family social workers you can choose any assessment process which meets the requirements of the Knowledge and Skills statement for child and family social work. Please refer to the ASYE for child and family social work section of our website for information and guidance. 

Focusing on the transition from study to work and what professionalism looks like in practice, Newly-Qualified Social Workers will give a true sense of what it’s like to work as a social worker. It includes commentary and tips from social work managers and NQSWs themselves, as well as chapters on the AYSE assessment areas of critical reflection and supervision.

This book will help readers become independent critical thinkers, and give knowledge and skills to grow and develop as a social worker.

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