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Developing a #PositiveWorkplaceCulture for individual employers and PAs

07 Jul 2023

Throughout June and July Skills for Care has been shining a spotlight on developing a #PositiveWorkplaceCulture and how having a positive workplace culture enables employers to find and keep great staff. Here are a range of helpful resources to support individual employers create a positive workplace for their PAs:

Toolkit: Managing and developing your PA

Use our managing and developing your PA toolkit booklet to learn how you can create a positive workplace culture for your PA by supporting them to develop in their role.

Toolkit: Sorting out problems

Employing your own care can be challenging at times and our sorting out problems toolkit booklet can support you proactively address these challenges with your PA to create a positive working environment.

Preparation for better conversations for personal assistants and individual employers (Webinar)

Our preparation for better conversations webinar explores the benefits of communicating in a meaningful way for both individual employers and PAs. It provides step by step guidance on communicating clearly, the art of listening and practical tips to create a positive working environment.

Learning and development: CPD for personal assistants (Case study webinar)

Developing your personal assistants and looking after their wellbeing not only creates a positive workplace culture for your PAs, but also has a positive effect on the employer, relationships and delivery of care.

Values based recruitment workshops (Webinars)

Watch our value-based recruitment sessions designed to support you as an individual employer attract the right PA to match your values and behaviours.

A way of agreeing how we will work together

Our 'A way of agreeing how we will work together' resource supports individual employers in creating a positive working environment for their PAs by guiding them through discussions to find out if they’re a good fit for each other, setting out boundaries and if there’s any development needs.

Hear how others have experienced a positive workplace culture

As part of this campaign we've also spoken directly to individual employers and a PA about  how they've experienced a positive workplace culture.


You can find out more about this campaign by visiting our #PositiveWorkplaceCulture webpage where you’ll find information, resources, blogs and articles including real-life case studies.

Value Based Recruitment recordings

Supporting individual employers recruit the right PA #RecruitRight