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How our registered manager membership can help you retain staff

13 May 2024

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Skills for Care

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As a registered manager, you want to attract and retain a team of skilled colleagues to deliver excellent care. Our registered manager membership can equip and support you in your retention efforts.

The role of a registered manager encompasses many complexities, rewards, and challenges.

Registered manager membership with Skills for Care is an investment in learning and refining the skills that care leaders rely on to build successful and enduring care services.

Let's look at some of the ways our registered manager membership can help you retain a satisfied and skilled workforce.

Social care manager’s handbook

The social care manager's handbook is a printed guide aligning with the Manager Induction Standards and the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management for Adult Care. This guide equips managers with essential knowledge and is particularly beneficial for new managers looking to establish themselves as confident, capable, and conscientious leaders. Covering areas such as digital leadership, skills, and technology, the handbook ensures managers have a dedicated resource for the day-to-day challengers of maintaining a motivated and value-focused care organisation that people enjoy working within.

Mentoring programmes

Every registered manager member will be given the opportunity to give or receive mentorship to fellow members. As managers undergo mentorship, they acquire valuable insights into effective leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.

As a manager, the guidance you receive and the guidance you impart through mentorship has a clear carry over to your daily leadership requirements, enabling you to be more effective in creating an inclusive, supportive, and progress-focused space that retains staff.

Annual renewal resources

All members renewing their membership from 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025 will receive a hard copy of ‘A positive culture toolkit for adult social care’.

The toolkit aims to support you at different stages of your workplace culture journey to establish, maintain and improve your workplace culture so that it’s inclusive, compassionate and collaborative.

Workplace culture is the character and personality of your workplace and what makes your workplace unique, special and individual. Having a positive culture will help you retain staff.

Monthly newsletter

We send a regular newsletter to all our registered manager members which includes a variety of helpful information, guidance, and updates from across the sector. The regular insights ensure that managers are equipped with the latest trends and best practises.

Go Guide

All registered manager members receive access to our 'Go Guide: Single Assessment Framework edition'.

The Go Guide is aimed at frontline managers and those supporting regulated services and advises how you can deliver Good or Outstanding rated care.

It aims to help you build confidence in being ready for CQC assessment and empower your managers, staff team, people, and wider connections to be ready to celebrate what you do. The latest edition includes access to 34 downloadable recommendation checklists focused on each Quality Statement.

Learning and development discounts

Investment in managers’ skills is a critical piece of the retention puzzle – staff’s relationship with their manager is one of the most important factors impacting retention. As a part of our registered manager membership, you will enjoy discounts on key resources, programmes, and events, giving you cheaper access to the crucial skills and knowledge that will help you build employee satisfaction and a more positive work environment.

At just £35 per year, membership is great value for a huge variety of useful resources and an excellent way to ensure your registered managers feel valued and invested in. For organisations looking to invest in managers collectively, we offer a 10% discount for purchases of 10 memberships or more.

You can find out more about our registered manager membership, including other benefits and features not covered in this article, by visiting our registered manager’s membership hub.

Here is what some of our current registered manager members said about their membership:

Being a member is vital if you wish to excel as a manager and provide outstanding service. The members portal has every resource you could ever need and they are updated often. The training is current, valuable and well presented and the registered manager networks are a great source of support and advice.

I am able to access various useful resources when required. I particularly use the GO guide and this has been very helpful when developing our internal compliance audit looking at the single assessment framework.

A huge thank you to Skills for Care for the brilliant book. Our registered manager is a proud member of Skills for Care and will be taking note of how we can lead our team with compassion.

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