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What is it like being a registered manager?

28 Mar 2024

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Lynn James-Wellings,

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Lynn James-Wellings, Registered Manager, Care First 24 shares insights about the different complexities her role includes.

I love my role as registered manager at Care First 24 and feel incredibly lucky to have my amazing team working alongside me, but I do think being a registered manager is one of the most complex and challenging jobs in the care sector. It’s also incredibly rewarding, as you can see the impact the services make on people’s lives.

However, over the last few years, I have found the role has become more and more complicated, especially post COVID-19. Not only do I have responsibility for the people we provide care to, but I also have a leadership role for staff, a support role for relatives, and accountability for the ever-growing compliance processes.

The role of registered manager can be challenging, particularly if you’re a registered manager in a smaller provider and not surrounded by a range of organisations and resources to support you.

The emotional challenges of working in care are often under-recognised, and, in an era when we’re trying to deliver person-centred care and relationship-based care, there can be a lack of acknowledgment for the emotional toll on staff when losing a person they support.

In line with this I’ve brought in the TOTUS Support Team, who ensure emotional and wellbeing support for people with care needs, families, and team members. In my view, this is key to achieving good care.

As registered manager at Care First 24 I focus on wellbeing as a core duty, this is because every day our care staff are confronted with emotional situations. If we’re going to care for people, I’m committed to investing in care for our team and ensuring they have the right support that enables them to manage stress and live well.

I would encourage all registered managers to join the Skills for Care registered managers networks. It’s impo­rtant to find support in a job that can present emotional challenges at times.

As a registered manager, I can see the impact the Care First 24 team has on the lives of everyone within our service, whether they’re people with care needs, relatives, or staff and I’m extremely proud of everyone who works with us at Care First 24.


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