Operational workforce planning

Workforce planning is the system and process used by employers (both people directly employing their own support workers and organisations) to ensure they have the workforce to meet their business objectives and personal care plans. A good workforce plan will help your organisation be more successful and make sure that you have the right people in place to meet the needs and future opportunities for your business.

The right people are those who are keen, skilled, have the right values and know what they are doing. These people will provide high quality care and support and help your business to grow.


Practical approaches to workforce planning

This guidance is currently being updated and will be publish at the earliest opportunity.  

However, this current guide provides a summary of how you can complete workforce planning using the analyse, plan, do, review method. It gives you important questions to answer and key tasks for you to do to. This will help you to pull together a clear picture of what your organisation looks like now and support you to plan for the future.

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Worked examples for commissioning the workforce to support people with a learning disability and/or autistic people

These worked examples are based on real-life scenarios of people with a learning disability and/or autistic people, who display or are at risk of displaying behaviours which challenge. They explain what workforce that individual needs, what skills and knowledge the workforce needs, and how much this training would cost. 

If you’re thinking about a population of people in a specific area, you can explore how many people in your area have similar care and support needs to the worked examples, and scale them up to strategically plan and develop the workforce. You can mix and match the examples and draw information from different ones to create your own plan for the person/people that you’re supporting.

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