The care exchange


'The care exchange' is a new podcast series for managers in social care hosted by Skills for Care Locality Managers Pia Rathje-Burton (Left) and Ali Rusbridge (Right)

Throughout the series, we’ll be inviting guests to join us as we celebrate the role of managers in social care. We’ll be sharing experiences from other managers in social care, providing a place where managers can listen to other managers, feel less isolated and pick-up some good ideas to support them in their own role. Our Episodes cover the following topics:


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Episode 2: Stay connected always

In this second episode we talk to Sue Ann Nnamani, the Registered Manager of Priscilla Wakefield House in Haringey, London. Sue Ann shares her approach to managing a large nursing home, including how she made sure that values are embedded into the service, the importance of looking inwards and outwards and why it’s the simple things that matter.   

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Resources to support this podcast: 


➥ Care Badge - Sue Ann talked about the Care Badge. Order badges for your workforce for FREE.

➥ Effective delegation – our ‘Effective delegation and empowering your staff’ recorded webinar focusses on how empowering your staff and effective approaches to delegation can benefit both frontline managers and the ability of your service to respond to day to day challenges, including COVID-19. This webinar is also supported by the bite sized resources: Effective delegation checklist   |  Practical ways to delegate  |  Reflecting on your delegation  | Time to manage guide

➥ Values  find out more about the tools we have to help you recruit people with the right values, including an example of how another home communicates their workplace values

➥ Culture –  our ‘Creating a positive workplace culture toolkit’ explains what workplace culture is and how you can develop a positive one in your organisation. It’s for adult social care employers of all sizes, including individual employers.


Episode 1: Bring your whole self to work


In this first episode we invited Skills for Care CEO Oonagh Smyth to join us. In this insightful session Oonagh shares her motivations in her own role, shares her views on why the role of registered manager is so important and so much more. It’s a conversation you don’t want to miss. 

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Resources to support this podcast: 


➥ Supporting the diverse workforce within adult social care: recorded webinars - Featuring a panel of BAME leaders with lived experiences; the lively discussions focused on sharing understanding and generating ideas around key issues. Watch the webinars.

➥ Mentoring – You’ll have the chance to train to become a mentor or receive mentoring. Find out more about registered manager membership offer.

➥ Peer to peer support – The registered managers networks offer invaluable peer to peer support.  Find out more about local networks for managers. Deputy managers can now join a network specifically for them. Find out more about the deputy manager networks.