Inducting staff - the Care Certificate

Two smiling ladiesImportance of induction

One of the key features of good and outstanding services is that they ensure new starters complete an in-depth induction programme which goes beyond the minimum standards. This ensures that staff understand the vision and values of the organisation and are equipped with the right knowledge and tools to enable them to deliver high quality care.

A full induction will include shadowing, mentoring, buddying, peer support, values-based learning and additional training around core skills and specific health conditions. It will be flexible in recognising the needs of the inductee, adapting to their previous experiences.

Benefits of a good induction programme also include an improvement in staff retention rates, which in turn reduces recruitment costs.



You might also want to consider including resilience training in your induction programme to provide your staff with the skills to help them cope better under-pressure. Take a look at our resilience tools.

It's also important to remember that induction is important for any role and not just for those new to care. Our Manager Induction Standards (MIS) outline what a manager needs to know and understand to perform well in their role. Find out more.