Infection prevention and control

Infection prevention and control is vital to the wellbeing of people who need care and support and is even more crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to receive safe and effective care, infection prevention and control must be part of everyday practice and be applied consistently by everyone.

"While the success of the vaccine programme shows us the way out of this pandemic, that journey has only just begun. That’s why the mantra of infection protection control – including handwashing, cleaning, correct use of full personal protective equipment (PPE) and regular testing of all staff who have access to testing, including in care homes and domiciliary care - must remain our first priority, even after we’ve received our first dose of the vaccine."


Prof Deborah Sturdy OBE, Chief Nurse for Adult Social Care

Standard infection prevention control precautions include:

  • good hygiene (hands and respiratory)
  • personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • environment: cleaning, disposal of waste
  • staying safe – social distancing, testing, self-isolating.


Useful resources

Helping to prevent infection quick guide

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have produced a useful quick guide called Helping to prevent Infection


This recording (3 April 2020) of a webinar hosted by Public Health England, NHS England and NHS Improvement colleagues in the South East covers protecting yourself and others, PPE, how to isolate residents and caring for those at risk of Covid-19. (Duration: 1 hour)

Covid and care home settings from Skills for Care on Vimeo.

This recording (14 April 2020) from Public Health England, NHS England and NHS Improvement colleagues in the South East will give you information and guidance on a range of issues and queries raised by those who attended the webinar above. It’s applicable for all registered managers and IPC leads in all services. (Duration: 1 hour)

Q&A for Care Homes on use of PPE and IPCSkills for Care on Vimeo.


Standard 15 of the Care Certificate, the standards for new staff in health and social care roles, focuses on infection, prevention and control. We have practical resources and workbooks to help you to implement the Care Certificate as part of induction.

Find out more about the Care Certificate.


If you’re looking for a learning provider to support you in this area, take a look at our online directory which features our endorsed providers – those who we recognise as delivering high quality learning and development to the social care sector.