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Brighton and Hove uses LGBTQ+ Learning Framework to examine EDI improvements

23 Feb 2024

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This #GoodNewsFriday and in recognition of LGBT History Month we hear from Brighton and Hove local authority about they’ve utilised the LGBTQ+ Learning Framework.

Brighton and Hove recently conducted a recommissioning review with 84 care homes across the city.

In light of this they’ve inserted two new clauses on equalities into their new contract.

These new clauses ensure that service providers are non-discriminatory and meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010; promote maximum accessibility for all people who require the service; actively challenge any prejudice or discrimination against staff and residents; apply an intersectional approach to supporting residents; and are LGBTQ+ inclusive.

Service providers must also achieve the Brighton & Hove Switchboard Inclusive Care Award. This award encourages services to strive to achieve a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award by meeting a flexible range of criteria for inclusion that will benefit all residents and especially LGBTQ+ people.

Additionally, service providers are required to make use of the LGBTQ+ Learning Framework for working with LGBTQ+ people in later life.

These new contract clauses are linked to Brighton and Hove’s Quality Requirements Matrix, a set of quality assurance measures being developed on equality, diversity and inclusion.

Brighton and Hove also provide a range of free equality, diversity and inclusion awareness training.

Chris Davies, Commissioning Manager, Brighton and Hove says:

Having recommissioned our residential care, the learning framework provided the opportunity to examine how equality, diversity and inclusion could be improved and strengthened and following the equality impact assessment of all services.

Find out more about the LGBTQ+ Learning Framework.

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