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#CelebratingSocialCare: partnering for success

15 Apr 2024

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Skills for Care

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Throughout April we’re #CelebratingSocialCare and all the great work happening across the sector. We asked you to send in your good news stories and we’ll be sharing these throughout the month. In this article we’re hearing about beneficial activities, partnerships, and initiatives from care organisations across the country.

Keeping the streets clean with Caremark Northampton

The Caremark Northampton team recently joined forces with two community groups, Growing Together Northampton and the Northants Litter Wombles, for a local litter pick initiative.

This collaborative effort has created cleaner shared spaces and helped bring together community members who want to foster a more welcoming neighbourhood for all.

Caremark Northampton continues to exemplify the positive impact that adult social care providers can have, not only in meeting the needs of those they care for but also in enriching the wider community.

Prab Bawa, Managing Director of Caremark Northampton, said:

Volunteering together not only helped our community but also brought our team closer. It's rewarding to see the immediate impact of our collective effort on our local environment.

HCL Introduces stress-relief yoga sessions

In an effort to support the physical and mental well-being of its staff, homecarers HCL have introduced weekly yoga sessions. The 10-minute classes aim to alleviate stress and promote overall health among employees.

The decision to incorporate a Friday yoga session into the weekly routine was made by the HCL staff themselves as a proactive approach to self-care within the organisation. The sessions focus on gentle movements and stretching to release tension and promote relaxation.

These short sessions provide employees with a valuable break from the demands of their day, allowing them to return to their tasks with renewed focus and energy.

One employee shared their thoughts on the yoga classes, saying the recent classes were the: 

First impression of the class of tomorrow.

Prison gardening initiative blooms at Dale Care

Hartlepool based care organisation Dale Care has partnered with a local prison to create raised plant beds. The initiative not only provided an opportunity for prisoners to contribute positively to society but also brought joy and fulfilment to residents and staff alike.

The raised plant beds were made by inmates and were specially crafted to accommodate wheelchair users. The prison not only constructed the beds but also delivered them along with essential supplies such as compost, soil and plants.

The project has allowed Dale Care to start its first gardening club, providing those receiving care with an engaging pastime that allows them to spend time outdoors. Inmates who worked on the flower beds report feeling a great deal of satisfaction from having helped those being supported.

The initiative also facilitated interaction among individuals who may not typically engage with one another, fostering a sense of community within the care facility.

A Dale Care staff member said:

I am a carer and to see them all joining in and enjoying the fresh air was great – it gave them a reason to go outside and get fresh air.

Helping Hands Godalming hosts annual pancake race

Helping Hands Godalming has recently held their annual pancake race. While initially slated to compete against their local nursing home, last-minute changes didn't deter the team from carrying on with the event.

Despite the absence of their usual competitors, Godalming’s local nursing home staff, the team raced against each other along a 100-metre course three times, flipping pancakes all the way.

The day was supported by the local community, with customers and members of the public cheering on the race. Danny Harrison was crowned 2024’s champion and the team enjoyed chili, dips and chips as a post-race meal to round out the day.

For the Godalming team, it served as a fantastic team-building exercise, fostering a sense of camaraderie among colleagues. The event also provided an opportunity for the local community to come together and enjoy the festivities.

Reflecting on the experience, team members Shawn, Debbie, and Hollie shared their thoughts, stating:

The event was great fun and a fantastic way to get everyone together.

Sheffield College and Job Centre Plus empower future care professionals

Sheffield College and Job Centre Plus joined forces to offer a care swap course for those looking to work within the care sector. The course combined theorical and practical learning exercises to prepare individuals for a career in adult social care.

Over the course of four weeks, learners engaged in a comprehensive curriculum covering Level 2 Principles of Dementia, dignity, safeguarding, as well as additional first aid skills and practical care techniques. The course included hands-on sessions in a fully equipped care suite, providing learners with first-hand experience using electrical hoists and other care equipment.

Learners also received guidance on employability skills, including mock interviews and CV preparation tailored to the social care sector. Each participant also underwent an enhanced DBS check.

The course culminated in a job fair at the local job centre, where learners had the opportunity to showcase their newly acquired skills to potential employers.

Reflecting on their experiences, participants expressed a great deal of praise for the course’s delivery team.

Joanne, course participant, said:

Very informative, I have learnt so much in this course. Johanna is a brilliant tutor. She has so much knowledge and information to give. This helps with her having worked within the care industry. Joshua was very informative with his First Aid training.

Sandra, course participant, said:

I enjoyed everything. Most important was acquiring a clearer understanding of what was happening to people at work and in my everyday life. That in and of itself was invaluable. Also, I later found myself employing some of the manual handling techniques. I was able to do so with confidence and skill. I met employers at job centre job fairs. I am aware of some of them. There were live-in providers, residential, all the way to PA. I have 2 interviews secured.

Some participants, such as Rachel, have already been offered permanent employment because of the training:

I enjoyed the course, especially the practical lessons…I have also been offered employment with Evolve Care as a support worker…

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