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#CelebratingSocialCare: stories of resilience

24 Apr 2024

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Throughout April we’re #CelebratingSocialCare and all the great work happening across the sector. We asked you to send in your good news stories and we’ll be sharing these throughout the month. We hear stories from resilient people being supported and delivering support.

David’s inspirational story

David Laitung's life is a testament to the power of resilience and perseverance. Since infancy, he has defied the challenges posed by hydrocephalus, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and partial blindness. Despite facing numerous surgeries and medical procedures, David's spirit remains high as he leads a fulfilling life.

His journey has been marked by moments of triumph and adversity. From the fitting of a hydrocephalus-ventricular shunt at six weeks old to managing his epilepsy through daily medication, David has navigated each hurdle with courage. The most recent challenge was in June 2020, following a blockage that caused a significant downturn in his health.

His mother, Charlotte Kelsall, shares their journey to inspire hope, emphasising the unwavering support they have received from family, those supporting David, and the community.

For One Fylde, David's journey serves as a reminder of the impact of compassionate care. The dedication of its staff to David's well-being exemplifies the core values of person-centred support. By recognising and celebrating their commitment, One Fylde reinforces its dedication to excellence in care. David's story inspires the organisation to continue striving for the highest standards of support.

Charlotte Kelsall, David’s mother, said:

It was a really heart warming and joyous evening, I was so impressed to see the staff and service users having so much fun together, the kindness and care was so obvious to see. It has taken the commitment of the staff and the family's input, but what a success! We now have David wearing normal clothes, sleeping in bedding and pyjama bottoms and with healed scars on his arms and hands. David is a much happier man thanks to all the staff who came on board with the idea that we could turn things around and thank you for their continuing support.

Making the impossible possible

In 2022, Steps Support took over the care of a supported person who had been receiving support from a crisis team. Despite the previous provider's attempts to increase staffing levels, the service broke down, prompting Steps Support to step in. Through collaboration with family and professionals, Steps Support aimed to transition the service user into their own home while providing tailored care and support.

They worked closely with the crisis team during the takeover period in addition to clinical psychologists and speech therapists to ensure effective support. The aim was to move the supported person into a suitable property away from the family home, which was achieved after significant renovation to a bungalow which had been identified in the local area.

The supported person's achievements include increased community engagement, improved mobility, and a successful 4-day holiday, which occurred in 2023. With careful planning and collaboration, the transition to the new home was also a success. Now settled in her own home, supported by a consistent team, the supported person is thriving, and her parents have entrusted all responsibilities to the staff.

This experience has had a positive impact on the workforce, organisation, and the supported person and her family. The dedicated team has received specialised training and gained job satisfaction from witnessing the service user's progress. Steps Support aims to expand this model to support other individuals with similar needs, receiving direct referrals and positive feedback from the parents.

Steps Support's Team Leader said:

H was so happy, she had a huge smile on her face and was signing to say, ‘H’s home

The Support Person’s Clinical Psychologist said:

I just wanted to let you know that I visited H today at her home. I spent a lovely hour with her and staff. Holly presented as the most relaxed I have seen her, she interacted well and showed me around her home. Staff clearly continue to have good interactions with H and it was lovely to hear about her developing independent skills around the home.

Visiting Angels reconnect a couple

Visiting Angels have been supporting an individual, KS, who recently spent 6 months in hospital. Due to her hospital stay, KS has been unable to connect with her husband.

After only 9 weeks and using a strength-based approach Visiting Angles have used best practise in moving and handling, and a pair of glide sheets, to enable her to sit on the side of the bed with no support and have a coffee and a kiss with her husband at eyelevel.

The team are so proud of KS and the performance of their staff. Making this possible highlights the impact that best practise, belief, and motivation can achieve in as little as 9 weeks.

Aimie, Carer, Visit Angels Said:

A very happy couple today

Adanze balances many roles and responsibilities

Adanze works with Hartwig Care as a Field Care Supervisor as well as a care worker.

Adanze is a hard working, dedicated and enthusiastic staff member. She wears many hats. Due to her dedication, experience, and work ethics, she has been promoted as a Field Care Supervisor who is based in the office.

Even though she was offered an office-based role, she didn’t feel right leaving her clients. She proposed to split her time between the office role (Field Care Supervisor) as well as going to the field to support our clients in their homes.

Adanze said:

My life is full of different roles. On weekdays, I work as a Field Care Supervisor in the office. On weekends, I provide care to clients in their homes. I enjoy doing both roles because it helps me stay updated on the latest practices and policies, and it also keeps me in touch with the caring aspect of my job. I believe this makes me a more competent and compassionate professional and individual. That is why I chose this career

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