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#CelebratingSocialCare: unforgettable moments and uplifting care stories

19 Apr 2024

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Throughout April we’re #CelebratingSocialCare and all the great work happening across the sector. We asked you to send in your good news stories and we’ll be sharing these throughout the month. In this story we hear about a special celebration of diversity, a birthday of a lifetime, a supported person’s first time bellringing and other positive stories from across the sector.

Chanelle goes bellringing

On a memorable Friday in February, One Fylde supported Channel as she went to St Chad's in Poulton to enjoy bellringing. Intrigued by an open day held the previous year, Chanelle wanted to have a go herself.

Guided by her fellow ringers, Chanelle enjoyed ringing the bells several times. A highlight came when David, a newer member, gave her a fist bump.

In the subsequent session, Chanelle was invited to lead, calling out ringing sequences like Kings, See-Saw, Queens, and Tittums.

Chanelle enjoyed getting to know each of the ringers and the ringing sequences. Everyone had a great evening and Chanelle has decided that she would like to begin bellringing as a hobby, which she is set to begin this April.

Chanelle said:

It was great to go bellringing again. This is my 3rd time of trying bellringing and I have decided that I would like to learn. Everybody was very friendly, and they were happy for me to take charge.

Birthday of a lifetime

Jenny, Thornhill House's activity coordinator, came up with a special plan to celebrate their resident's 81st birthday. She organised a trip to his favourite football team's merchandise shop, followed by a visit to the stadium and a meal at McDonald's.

Jenny made sure everything was arranged perfectly, from wheelchair access to transport and staff support. Thanks to Sheffield Wednesday Football Club's kindness, the resident got an exclusive tour of the stadium, including the changing rooms and pitch.

Wearing his birthday cap and holding onto his Ossie Owl mascot, the resident had the time of his life touring the backstage areas of his favourite football team's grounds.

The resident said:

“[it was] the best ever day of my life”

Jenny, Activity Coordinator, said:

“Happy to be able to fulfil a lifelong dream for our resident “

Hartwig Care’s festive food bank collection

In reflection of the festive season and the spirit of giving, Hartwig Care’s Camden team had a special initiative in honour of Christmas Jumper Day.

Acknowledging the significance of this joyful occasion, they extended the holiday cheer by organising a Food Bank Collection.

In consideration of those facing challenges during this difficult time, the organisation aimed to make a meaningful impact on the community by coming together for a cause that went beyond typical holiday celebrations.

Hartwig Care said:

The participation in this Food Bank Collection reflected our commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others, embodying the true essence of the holiday season.

Celebrating unity through diversity

Hartwig Care staff had a diversity party to celebrate the inclusive and diverse nature of their team. The event was a celebration of their commitment to unity, respect, and embracing the richness of our differences.

By bringing together people of different backgrounds, beliefs, cultures, and experiences, the organisation hopes to broaden their perspectives and create a vibrant tapestry of ideas amongst the team. Inclusion ensures that every viewpoint is recognised, respected, and valued.

Hartwig Care’s Operations Manager said:

Embracing our differences makes us stronger as a team. Today’s event is a celebration of the rich cultures that make up our workplace. We came together, proudly donning our traditional attire, and shared the flavours that reflect our unique backgrounds. Through this, we not only honoured our heritage but also built bridges of understanding and unity amongst our team members.

Introducing champion roles at Oak Lodge

Alternative Futures Group’s Oak Lodge mental health hospital in Bolton has developed ‘champion’ roles for their support workers, with staff being allocated a champion designation based on their interests and ability to support patients.

Louise, Physical Health Champion, supports patients with their physical health by putting on activity sessions as well as arranging GP health checks.

Elsie, Education & Occupation Champion, helps patients look for college courses, jobs and volunteering opportunities. She has set up links with local charity shops, cafes, and initiatives, such as Men’s Sheds Association.

Betsy, Gardening Champion, supports patients to get involved with gardening by growing vegetables and flowers in the polytunnel or garden.

Steph, Social Champion, supports patients to by arranging social activities like the pub, cinema and attending football matches.

Ainsley, Music Champion, encourages patients to enjoy music through listening to their favourite songs, dancing, or teaching them guitar.

Donna, Patient Feedback Champion, leads patient meetings to ensure people are feeding back on all aspects of their care.

Nikita, Fun & Games Champion, encourages patients to enjoy games and activities and has set up links with a local arcade.

Kathy, Family Engagement Champion, keeps in contact with family members and organises ‘meet and mingle’ days so they can learn more about their loved one’s condition and how they can support them.

The champion initiative has resulted in several positive outcomes already. Kathy, Family Engagement Champion, was instrumental in supporting a young patient in returning home to his parents after a schizophrenia diagnosis. Donna, Patient Feedback Champion, and Elsie, Education and Occupation Champion, were both responsible for enabling two patients to build a rabbit hutch, which allowed Oak Lodge to welcome two pet rabbits.

Chris Duffy, Senior Nurse Practitioner, said:

We developed the roles to give our patients a focus outside of our usual therapeutic activities, and they have had a great impact not only on our patients but the team as well.

Join Homecare’s weekly reflection

In the fast-paced daily routines of care providers, the team at Join Homecare recognised the importance of acknowledging the positive impact they were making in people's lives, both big and small. They implemented a simple yet impactful practice: every Sunday evening, they encouraged their staff to reflect on their week and share moments they were proud of.

These moments ranged from bringing smiles to faces to offering support to colleagues in need. Regardless of size, each achievement was celebrated.

Join Homecare understood that it wasn't just about the feedback received from those they supported or other professionals—it was about recognising their own contributions and the joy they brought to others.

This practice instilled a newfound sense of positivity within the organisation. It fostered a culture where every action, no matter how small, was valued and celebrated.

We've collated a selection of Join Homecare's recent uplifting moments.

Lisa said:

I noticed NR was quite lonely in her house, so I informed her social worker that a therapy cat might be a good idea to keep her company. Each time I see her, she is petting the cat, she loves it.

Kuang said:

DB wasn’t sure what to eat for breakfast so always refused. I encouraged new and creative breakfasts such as banana toast, strawberry toast, and cream toast with butter and sugar. She loved it and asked for breakfast during my visits.

Tino said:

I had 2 new members of staff shadow under me, I really enjoyed sharing the ways in which to care for our clients as well as documenting good care notes.

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