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How drawing on care and support has helped Jonathan to achieve his travel goals

25 Apr 2023

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As we move into the final week of our #CelebratingSocialCare campaign we’re hearing from people who draw on care and support about the impact this has on them. Jonathan shares his story.

Jonathan is a 28-year-old man who utilises the Shared Lives care scheme. He’s been living with the same household under the Shared Lives scheme since he turned 18.

He receives direct payments to fund his own care and support, and employs a team of personal assistants (PAs) - two of them have been working with Jonathan for 12 + years.

Drawing on care and support has had a big impact on allowing Jonathan to live his life how he wants and do the things he loves, including travelling around the world.

Jonathan’s love of travelling has resulted in him being nicknamed ‘Jonathan the Travelling Man’ in a video he's produced of his travels.

In the video produced by Jonathan along with one of his PAs and his music tutor, he shares an insight into how drawing on care and support has helped him to experience his love of travelling.

In sharing the video with us, Jonathan and his support team, shared the following message:

“Life is a challenge and some focus on the' im’ and the ‘dis'. With the support of fostering, shared lives and great social care matching Jonathan has focussed on 'possible’ and ‘ability'.”

Watch Jonathan’s video sharing his travel experiences.


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